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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Get On The BBC - Call For The Criminalisation Of Democracy

  Last Thursday I referred to one of the guests on BBC's "Big Debate", Alan Miller, as a professor of political correctness.

    This was perhaps unkind. He is "Deputy Principal (Research & Knowledge Transfer), Heriot-Watt University"  and  "elected in 2007 by the Scottish Parliament to become the first Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission" which is a more formal and respectful way of phrasing it.

   I'm mentioning this as I have seen him twice more on the BBC since then. It is possible I have missed a few. On Sunday Politics saying nothing very interesting and yesterday on Newsnight Scotland saying promoting judicial activism in lawmaking and that it should be criminal for political parties to stand for laws that he and his pals don't like, such as the Spare Room Subsidy (or as the BBC falsely called it "Bedroom Tax" - this nomenclature may be going largely unopposed but it is clearly Orwellian to claim that a subsidy is the same as a tax). Dellers makes the same point about a lie told in the opposite direction (calling a lack of tax a subsidy) by the same PC types.

   By comparison a Scottish UKIP spokesman has been on BBC Scotland in the last 6 days as often as in the last 6 months - precisely never.

   One guy, with zero electoral support compared to the 4th party in Scottish politics and 3rd in UK. If our state broadcaster was making any slightest attempt to keep to its legal duty of "balance" the party would be getting at least 100 times as much coverage as the unelected prof. That would be 300 spokespersons on in the last 6 days or 9,000 in 6 months.

   Which, mathematically makes the BBC less than 0.012% honest or more than 99.989% corrupt totalitarians.

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