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Monday, December 23, 2013

Current Temperature Hiatus To Be Followed By Cooling

This is a long term prediction of global temperature based on observed natural cycles.

      If so we are heading for a temperature decline of about 2/3rds a degree by 2080. Not fun but not "catastrophic" - warmer than the depths of the little ice age. Possibly a good reason to build solar mirrors.

      Is this certain - of course not. On the other hand I think it is far more scientific than the catastrophic warming alarm on which policy has for 2 decades been based.

    Perhaps we will spend 1% as much, based on this prediction, in promoting a spacegoing civilisation, as the several trillion $s governments have spent on windmillery. Certainly if belief in "the science" is a real factor in government parasitism, they will.

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Go and learn some infra-red spectroscopy and thermodynamics, before spouting such utter bollocks.
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