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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Satirising Green's Complaint The BBC Doesn't Give Them Coverage - The BBC That Gives Them 40 Timnes UKIP's Caoverage

   Last time there was a Question Time in Scotland Nigel Farrage was on, but no representative from UKIP in Scotland.  The Greens sent a letter to the BBC, which clearly worked. It also got a significant amount of press coverage.

   On Thursday there was a Question Time from Scotland from which UKIP 4th or 5th party depending on polls, some of which put us ahead of the Tories. The 6th party, the Greens, getting 1/3rd of our vote according to polls, was there.

   This is taken, closely, from the Green letter:

“Thursday’s Question Time line up is particularly bizarre, and following a telephone discussion with the editor it is clear to me that this programme has been contrived to censor, rather than produce serious debate. The lack of balance is staggering and I know from comments we’ve received it’s not just UKIP supporters who are alarmed. “This situation is particularly unacceptable with another by election coming up, which should require particular attention to political balance. The BBC has shown serious misjudgement in allowing Thursday’s programme to go ahead and UKIP should look forward to meeting senior managers to discuss how they intend to rectify a situation that will have harmed the broadcaster’s reputation for fairness.” The complaint from me to the BBC’s Executive Editor Hayley valentine and Phil Abrams of the Editorial Policy Unit is as follows…

Dear Ms Valentine,
                                  We wish to object in the strongest possible terms to the choice of panellists for BBC Question Time on Thursday (28th November). This follows our consistent raising of concern over a number of years about the UKIP's lack of representation on the programme; in 14 years of continuous Parliamentary representation in the EU, UKIP Scotland have been invited to participate on not 1 single occasion. Thursday’s programme came from Falkirk, debating independence – this is specifically billed on the BBC website. with voters 2:1 against separation the panel chosen, and even more the audience, was extremely skewed on the independence question. UKIP Scotland is campaigning against separation and is the only party committed to Scotland not being in the EU (membership questions and their costs for us a, possibly the, major issue) yet we have been totally censored from all BBC broadcasting on the subject despite polling and recent electoral results showing us 3 times more popular than the ever present Greens,

   I can see no basis for the censoring of UKIP from the panel. A recent Conservative poll shows UKIP can expect 11% of the list votes compared to their 10% and the Green's far lower total, despite blanket media coverage by the BBC of both the other parties and almost total censorship of UKIP here. This failure even to attempt balance in party political terms, or in terms of the referendum debate is surely a breach of the BBC’s duty to impartiality. It is particularly disgraceful following the recent faux-racist Fascist attack on UKIP in Edinburgh, publicly supported by the SNP Duce and the BBC's subsequent disgusting interview aping the Fascist slogans. I am deeply disturbed that the BBC’s flagship political debate programme gives greater attention to censoring debate than to fair balance. I seek an urgent meeting to discuss how you intend to redress this situation, not only in the short term but in the run-up to the referendum in 2014 and to the EU election in which UKIP is widely forecast to prove the most popular party. As the BBC, properly, give more coverage to larger parties (though it should be proportionate not merely an excuse to censor dissent) the BBC should, the the election year, be interviewing UKIP spokespersons at least as often as those of parties expected to place 2nd or 3rd.

   I note that the Greens have, successfully complained in similar terms. The BBC gives 40 times more coverage per vote to them than UKIP all of it supportive whereas coverage of UKIP involves airbrushing on a Hitler moustache. Clearly this is incompatible with any suggestion that the BBC is less than 97.5% a censoring totalitarian propagandist and I would like to know what action the BBC intends to take to comply with the law.

Yours sincerely,
Neil Craig

- See original at:

Will be interesting to see if the BBC even answer it. Or if any of the papers which reportedthe original report this.

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