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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Censored News - Not Seen On The BBC State Broadcaster Part 3 - EU Facts, EU Spinning, Diana Murdered & Human Spirit Alive

   A nun (because no journalist or other expert would) has analysed videos produced by our Syrian "democratic" al Quaeda allies and found much of it was faked with "dead" people returning to life and "bodies" carefully posed etc. Note that some of these videos came out carrying a dateline of the day before it allegedly happened - which is theoretically possible, because Syria is in a different timezone, if they were done and posted inside 4 hours of the alleged attack starting but I don't think that is even theoretically possible if time is taken for fraud. Therefore the "freedom fighters" knew of it before it happened and therefore did it.

    "The footage that is now being pedalled was prepared in advance"

An Italian reporter, who was held hostage by our Syrian democratic allies overheard his guards discussing how their side had carried out the "false flag" gas attack. I cannot see that either the reporter or the guards had any incentive to lie.


Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted to Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident which western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, revealing that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia.
   A few weeks ago on Friday and Saturday the papers were full of a story, with no details, about the police investigating whether the killing of Diana was by the SAS. On Sunday the story was as vanished as the idea that we had ever been at war with Eastasia (Orwell's 1984). I assume the voluntary D notice system operates.

    What happened appears to be that during the 2nd Danny Nightingale trial a comrade testified under oath to this.

      It has previously been acknowledged that a strobe gun exists designed to flash in driver's faces and make them crash and during the Diana inquest the head of the Secret Service acknowledged that they had been planning to use it to kill Milosevic (they later used poison). This is the weapon the SAS are said to have used to kill Diana.

     On the theory that one should never believe anything until it has been officially denied (Yes Minister) though it originally seemed outré, I have to conclude that the SAS did indeed murder daina on government orders.

    Once again the Mail, obliquely, reports while the others censor.

    NHS death rate is one of the worst in the developed world. Once again from the Daily Mail. To be fair this was "discovered" by C4 news. But the BBC don't report and even minimised the minor fact of 1,400 unnecessary deaths in South Staffordshire Hospital, for which nobody was to blame.


Now this one is good news because it shows that the human spirit of adventure, idealism and progressivism is not dead, indeed that it is more alive and has more of a mass hold than even during the Victorian age.

Thus it is particularly important that those, like the BBC, who want to dragoon us into a literally hopeless Orwellian future, must censor mention of this.

202.586 people have put down real money to buy a chance at a one way ticket to settle Mars


Six million Britons are living in households where nobody works
Well OK this is actually reported by the Daily Mail, at least until it gets neutered by the current BBC/Labour campaign, but it doesn't get reported by the state owned Broadcast monopoly.


EU -  our state broadcasting propagandist is always telling us how dissatisfied  the Norwegians are with being outside the EU (in fact they are overwhelming satisfied) and interviewing any foreign politician willing to say we should stay in and talking about eager potential new members. But this, unaccountably, never got reported.

Iceland has specifically decided to end even the gentle discussions they were having on exploring membership


EU hires Edinburgh parasite to tell them that they are right to pour so many millions into pro-EU propagandising. Worse - they are justifying ever greater state control of the media (or open totalitarian fascism as it is technically known). The BBC benefit for such EU money and surprise, they censor any mention of it.

Dr Craufurd Smith, who is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, specializing in media, the regulation of culture and European Union law. Says it is “simplistic” to “see state influence [over the press] as inherently stifling”. Or “to believe that market-driven media were free and independent”.

The report says “Liberal conceptions of media freedom focus on editorial freedom from government interference…. [however] states may also be required to take positive measures to curtail the influence of powerful economic or political groups…. this entails that neither the media, nor those individuals who own or work for the media, enjoy an absolute right to freedom of expression.” Further “Citizens have a new expectation to obtain reliable information about what’s going on in Europe.” That Mediadem’s recommendations were about “helping to protect the press from inappropriate commercial pressures and potential political pressures”. “Political pressure” of course does not exist if it emanates from the EU, that is just ensuring the people get the right information, but not to worry DR Craufurd Smith says “People should not see this as being a threat.
An example of state influenced power on the media

"the European Commission, which produces a Daily Press Review, making up a 250-300 page printed bundle of stories from newspapers, is very often reluctant to draw attention to her stories.

Yesterday, though, she noted on page 194 of the review a page copied from the Daily Express: "Call to leave the EU is backed by 71%". The poll was commissioned by the very serious Bruges Group, so she reckoned: "Well, that's an important story. How'd I miss that on the news websites this morning?"
EU "confidential spending proposals and internal documents planning an unprecedented propaganda blitz ahead of and during European elections in June 2014....

"Particular attention needs to be paid to the countries that have experienced a surge in Euroscepticism," said a confidential document agreed last year.

Minor Telegraph story only.
Pt 1 Syria lies
Pt 2 Climate lies

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