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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


      I thought I had invented the word "Beeboid", and was pleased to find it gaining common usage. 14,200 uses online and the Urban Dictionary - actually 2 different usages - for an unreasoning online fan of the BBC (July 2011)  or for a BBC employee uncorrupted by respect for the truth (July 2012 ).

     I have always used it for definition #2 and though there are still some people who automatically defend the BBC's integrity I find them increasingly rare except where they appear to be financially linked to the organisation, which would mean they fitted my definition anyway.

     My earliest use in my blog was Aug 2011 and I had used it in online comments prior to that but the earliest usages I can find are several around 2007 in the comments on Iain Dale's Dairy of which I was a regular reader so I must have adopted it by osmosis.

     But it does describe the bastards well doesn't it?

     Wonder when it will make the OED.

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