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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

BBC Censored News Part 2 - Warming Scare

World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for the last 15 years - by numerous governments.

To the credit of the Daily Mail, perhaps the only real newspaper in the country, they report this. The BBC censor.


Antarctic Ice hits an all time high. The BBC have spent thousands of hours promising Artcic sea ice is going to be gone by 2013 but 90% of the ice is in the Antarctic so it is clearly far more important:



"99% of (government funded) climate predictions overestimated."

    Compare that undisputed truth with the official media's proven lie about 97% of climate scientists supporting the fraud.
   Average electricity bills will be £3,000 a year by 2020 if our ruling cartel get their way.

And obviously the BBC will lie and censor to let them get their way


  The estimable Mail again - 50 year old fracking site that has caused no problems despite being beside a nature reserve. The BBC whores, while promoting every scare about shale censor any mention of the real experience.

This isn't the media censoring - it is the precise reverse, but the effect of the 2 combined is multiplied

six environmental activists glued themselves to the entrance of Bell Pottinger’s HQ. They were supported by several other activists, who patrolled around the doorway area, ensuring that not only was protester-freeing solvent kept at bay, but that nasty journalists didn’t ask anything inappropriate of their brave comrades.

Despite the pathetic size of the protest, news coverage of the ‘event’ was widespread, as if some kind of large-scale civil disobedience had occurred. For instance, the story featured (to name but a few) on the homepage of BBC News, The Times, the Independent and the Guardian.


Met Office’s model, one used generate the official climate projections, has big temperature rises built in a priori.

Of course the BBC know this and of course they deliberately censor it.

     A series of clear and presumably deliberate lies found in the new IPCC report on WattsUp - any coverage of such inconvenient facts censored by our state owned media.

Pt 1 Syria lies
Pt 3 Assorted lies 

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