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Monday, September 09, 2013

UKIP 11% In Scotland, Beating Tories - More People concerned About Recession Than Separation

   This is from Lord Ashcroft's new poll. I mentioned his previous one on why people are supporting UKIP, which showed it was for our range of policies and even moreso, integrity, rather than simply anti-EU policy. Then he said the Tories should expect UKIP to win the EU election but not worry about it to much.

   This poll is a very large and thus fairly trustworthy one. News for UKIP in Scotland is good and for the Tories appalling:

the SNP’s continued lead on voting intention for the next Holyrood election: with 40% of first votes I found them 5 points ahead of Labour, with the Tories on 15% and the Liberal Democrats on 5%.
The Lib Dems did rather better among those who said they would use their second vote, rising to 13% and leapfrogging the Tories on 10%. The SNP and Labour would fall to 36% and 24% respectively, with UKIP’s share rising from 4% in the constituency vote to 11% on the list.

   If UKIP pull ahead of the Tories in Scotland what is the purpose of their party here? By spending decades "detoxifying the brand" by ensuring they put forward no policies that take on the alleged "leftist consensus" here they have merely ensured they are not worth supporting. Murdo will, of course, have been proven right, belatedly.

   There is also this which confirms my belief that the next election, like most of the others, will turn on the economy, something on which, because of our opposition to overpricing electricity and support of economic freedom, UKIP are well placed for.

 Asked what they thought was at the top of the administration’s agenda, half spontaneously named the independence campaign – seven times as many as mentioned the economy and jobs. Only just over a third said they thought the current priority was right; asked what the Scottish Government should focus on instead, the economy topped the list comfortably
   Brian Monteith has also highlighted this report today.

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