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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Recent Reading

Sea levels have fallen 7 mm and it is all the fault of global warming and the Australians.
Brian Monteith on why he is attracted to the idea of an independent libertarian Scotland but with the SNP in charge it isn't on offer.
Remember when Labour’s John Reid said to Andrew Neil:

“The Treasury insisted on having a free flow of labour because they thought that brought down the cost of labour….there is nothing right wing about having a controlled immigration policy”

So Labour deliberately undermined local wages….the ‘undermining‘ that Bryant is complaining about now.   So where are the BBC questions about that now?
Background on an incident at the end of the Iraq war - SAS shooting while impersonating opposing militia to stir ethnic tensions
 Steve Sailer reads the Daily Mail and finds posh people in Britain not less racist or politically incorrect than the common herd - simply better at covering it up.
A study found that they were just as likely to be prejudiced as their less educated peers but did not act on their feelings.
Or, more accurately, did not naively express their beliefs, while still acting upon them. are just as likely to be racist or politically incorrect as the common herd, they just lie better
poll carried out exclusively for Lib Dem Voice shows that opposition from the Daily Mail, The Sun and Daily Telegraph to the Liberal Democrats actually makes people more likely to vote for the party.

Asked the impact on their voting intention of those papers opposing Nick Clegg becoming Prime Minister, 15% said it made them more likely to vote Liberal Democrat and only 4% said it made them less likely, making for a net +11% saying they are more likely to vote Liberal Democrat.

   Which in turn leads me to believe that UKIP making an issue of the fact that the BBC, far more influential than all the newspapers put together, is clearly propagandising and censoring against us is likely to gain votes not lose them (perhaps by more than the 11% the LDs saw for a much smaller bit if bias).
David Sinclair believes we can expect to see people live to 120 and beyond within our lifetime. Harvard University's Professor David Sinclair is working on a 'cure for ageing' and believes modern medicine can significantly extend the human lifespan. "I think there will be a world where people can look forward to living at least beyond 100, and it will be not uncommon where people can live to 120.

There are drugs already in clinical trials and, so far, they seem to be safe and showing early signs of success.
               From Next Big Future
I like maps
Hawaii sets aside $100,000 to offer its 17,000 homeless people one-way airfare back to their home states
 "The way to get your scientific research grant granted say it will support climate change science"

$487K Study of Viking Textiles During Little Ice Age To ‘Mitigate Climate Change’

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