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Thursday, August 15, 2013

If The Eco-Fascists Really Wanted Low CO2 Rather Than Going Back To The Middle Ages This Is What They Would Want

If we actually want to subsidise "alternative" fuels and there is a case for doing so, the way, as with most such things, would be X-Prizes.

Give substantial prizes for technological progress that reduces to cost of generating capacity or increases its efficiency (limited to low CO2 if we must).

Had 10% of what is put into subsidising windmills had been put into that we would probably, by now, have solar power efficiency increased to make it competitive, "cold fusion" commercially, ocean thermal working competitively at least in the tropics and solar power satellites, all CO2 free except ocean thermal which, because it stimulates plankton growth, is CO2 negative power.

    Inspired by a post on Bishop Hill

    The big cost in all these things is the day to day building and running not the basic research. Of course if the ecofascists really believed CO2 was a problem they would have been the most enthusiastic supporters of nuclear forever, since it is CO2 free.

     Provably they don't believe their own scare and provably what they actually want is the roll back of human progress and a return to, or at least in the direction of, the Middle Ages.  

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