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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CO2 Rise - Do the "Greens" Really Want To End It

    This  is from an article by warming sceptic Professor Fred Singer in which he accepts that there has been a major recent rise in CO2 around the world (although not as massive as a cursory look would suggest since the graph starts at 270 not zero). Indeed he suggests, from the ratio of carbon 14, that this increase is indeed manmade.

    His argument is that it would only be if there was a high climate sensitivity to such changes  and that since, as the standstill in warming over the last 18 years shows, that sensitivity must be, at most, fairly small.

    Fair enough - I agree.

   But I previously showed a graph of plant growth to CO2 levels. This Canadian one:

    Which suggests that plant growth, which also means crop growth, has improved by about 50% overall since the Industrial Revolution. Now growth in food production has been well beyond that due to the improvements in technology but that 1/3rd of all world food production is down to CO2 increase certainly looks like a very strong counter argument to all the doomsaying on the subject.

    Are the "environmentalists" seriously in favour of that sort of collapse in world food production? 

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