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Saturday, August 17, 2013

17 Facts For Any Occasion

1 - The world economy is growing at 4.8% a year, if you exclude the EU then it is a 6 1/2% average.

2 - 28 gate proves the BBC will lie, censor and slant, for years on end if necessary, to promote scare stories they know to be, in whole or part, a lie, because that is undeniably what they did.

3 - If this country had been allowed to reach merely the average growth rate of the world during Labour's 13 years we would all be, on average 48% better off.[1.03^13]. If only since the Tories we would all be 16% better off [1.05^3]. Either way, with current spending, we would not have a problem with the deficit.

4 - The LabNatConDem parties have, since 1983, deliberately and unnecessarily killed 1 million British people through fuel poverty.

5 - The EU costs us, conservatively, £150 bn a year.

6 - The LNT theory simply cannot be called a scientific theory since there was no scientific evidence for it when it was introduced 50 years ago and after half a century of diligent search not only is there still no evidence for it but there is quite a bit for the opposite theiry, known as hormesis, that low level radiation is beneficial to health. Every scientist in the field knows this and when pressed, most will admit it.

7 - Poverty means lacking wealth. The only way to reduce poverty is by increasing wealth. The ruling classes have attempted to redefine poverty to mean inequality but that is a dishonest abuse of the language. Most "anti-poverty campaigners" are actually campaigning for things that would reduce growth and they are thus, provably, pro-poverty campaigners.The only true anti-poverty campaigners are those who promote economic growth and the only successful way to promote growth is by market freedom.

8 - Our poliice dissected thousands of people, while they were still alive, to provide organs for western hospitals. All politicians, like Blair, who were in command authority when this happened are personally as guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity as Hitler was over Auschwitz.

9 - Economic Freedom + Cheap Energy = Wealth

10 - Nuclear is at least hundreds and arguably 10s of thousands of times safer than any other form of power generation.

11 - We can have commercial space industry, with unlimited energy and resources, and consequently an economic boom far beyond anything ever known in human history, able to make the entire planet rich, any time our politicians are willing to allow it.

12 - Global warming stopped 18 years ago. That is longer than the period of warming from 1979 to 1995 on which the fraud was based. There is no evidence whatsoever for catastrophic global warming.

13 - Having asked 10s of thousands of politicicians, journalists, climate pseudo-scientists and activists from David Cameron, the Head of the Royal Society and Hansen down, I can say with certainty that not one of them can name a single scientist, anywhere in the world who says CAGW is true and isn't ultimately being paid by the state. I have found a couple who claimed to be such scientists themselves but turned out to be lying about their paymasters. Nor doe there seem to be any senior activist in the eco-fascist movement who workd for a living for somebody other than the unwilling taxpayer)

14 - Al Quaeda was created by the western powers in Afghanistan; it was hired & armed by them to comit genocide for them in Bosnia and Kosovo; it was hitred and armed by them in Libya; it is being hired and armed by them in Syria. It is and alwys has been a iseful tool for committing atrocities that western governments actually want. The "war on terror" is and always has been a fraud by our own Fascist politicians to keep us scared and obedient.

15 - Most charities and political activists whose scare stories and calls for more government controls of our lives (eg friends of the Earth, WWF, ASH, 90% of "environmental" charities, anti-smoking campaigners, the gay marriage campaign, "Non-Governmental Organisations", the BBC, Channel 4, most "health" and "anti-poverty" campaigners etc etc are actually false front government funded fakecharities. The government spends about £60 billion, half the deficit, simply on advertising false scare stories designed to increase their power and on direct departmental advertising. ll this money, naturally, is spent promoting things most people don't want (otherwise they wouldn't have to spend it).

16 - Anybody who claims to be in favour of growth but pushes policies keeping us in recession or claims to be against censorship but supports censorship or against fuel poverty but supports windmill subsidy is, by definition, a corrupt liar whose word cannot ever be trusted, without strong corroberation, on any other subject either. Almost all Lab/Nat/Con/Dem politicians are in these categories.

17 - If anybody promoting the Precautionary Principle really believed in it, rather than using it as an argument because their pure Luddism is not attractive to normal people, they would have to oppose windfarms, whose low frequency sound is much more dangerous than any low level radiation could be, far more seriously than they do nuclear plants. Of course none of them do.

The politicians whornalists (particularly in the government owned BBC "Ministry of Truth") and government paid activists all know this - at least they have been informed of it and don't deny it.

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No 8- "Our police have dissected etc"--I know your thoughts on the former Yugoslavia etc but "our police"?. Scummy as UK plod is I think mass dissection is a bit beyond them. If you mean the so called "peacekeepers" it is a stretch to call them our police and confusing too.
The occupation agreement we signed with Yugoslavia undertook to disarm the KLA and establish an impartial non-racist regime. Then as soon as we moved in we swore in these NATO organised drug lords, sex slavers, organleggers and (ex-)Nazis as police. Thus they were indeed our, or at least our obscene leader's police.

This does also make a significant difference for any defence case for Bliar & co.
The government spends about £60 billion, half the deficit, simply on advertising false scare stories designed to increase their power and on direct departmental advertising. Thanks for posting.

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