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Saturday, July 06, 2013

"Next Time It Will Be Petrol" - What Salmond & The Yes Campaign Fascists Promise

   This article is by Mike Haseler, UKIP Scotland's Energy Spokesman and bearing in mind that the fascist anti-UKIP riot has still not been condemned by our First Minister and the Radical Independence/SWP fascist remain a welcomed part of the Yes campaign it is worth repeating what "Yes" are so enthusiastic about.

People who combine fascism with hypocrisy but not with the competence to make trains run on time.

they certainly crossed the line when after throwing brown liquid over me and Mike Scott-Hayward (UKIP Scotland Chairman) someone said: "next time it will be petrol".


As for the protest, it was a surreal mixture of the comic and the deadly serious. There was the point the protesters unveiled a huge banner ... facing the wall so that no one could see it  ... then they tried to move away onto the road and I was very pleased the police were present because there was a serious risk they would get run over.    
      There are a number of other unrelated but interesting articles on the site. Will add to my blogroll next time I'm updating.


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