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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Behind the Curtain of the "Anti-Fascist" Movement

   My latest article is up on ThinkScotland. It is about our attendance at a meeting of an SWP influenced "anti-fascist" organisation trying to drum up an anti-UKIP campaign. They were forced not only to acknowledge UKIP actively isn't fascist or racist but that the Radical Independence mobbing of Nigel Farage (in which the SWP were clearly implicated) was.

    The full article is on there with links referred to. As are the first 10 of the UKIP policies I mentioned which are, by a traditional definition of "left" & "right" too far "left" for the Labour party. The full 20 were blogged on Monday.

   Please put any comments there. This is excerpted:

Lord Monckton was less confrontational than I. He made it absolutely clear that our party is absolutely opposed to racism and actually asked HNH to find evidence since he would personally ensure that nobody involved in racism would remain. This placated everybody but ELE (extreme leftist element - one guy) number 1 who made the, as I see it paradoxical argument, that making that offer must be an admission that it was happening. Even more paradoxical as it had already been acknowledged that there were two Labour councillors formerly in the BNP, and Labour clearly weren't being so helpful.

But with that exception everybody now accepted that UKIP wasn't racist.......

Then as a final point I mentioned that main real act of fascism we have seen in Scotland was the attack on Nigel Farage recently and I hoped they would campaign against such behaviour by Radical Independence. They accepted this with a perhaps slightly grudging "that goes without saying". Since Radical Independence appears to be an Trotskyist front that is a significant statement and suggests to me that that bit of intimidation did its supporters no good. Let us hope that Salmond, who so disgracefully defended the perpatrators will follow their example.

Chris actually asked if UKIP could become associate members of HNH which produced a somewhat bewildered "I'll have to put it to the committee".

All in all a remarkable experience. I have been at the sharp end of an SWP organised mob but when you get to a meeting, where they are trying to recruit, reason remains powerful.
   Serendipitously there is an another article on ThinkScotland, a bit of real journalism, today exposing "Labour for Independence" as an SNP front with barely anybody in it from Labour.

   You have to at least give the SNP points for effort. Compare the No campaign who have actively refused the support of UKIP a genuine movement against separation.

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