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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Cameron Promises Latest Referendum Pledge Won't Be Respected Either

    This is a letter I sent to the entire national press but which inexplicably appears not to have been published.

      Recently the prime minister, after some months of swithering but under the pressure of seeing UKIP coming close to matching his party's support (23% UKIP, 25% Tory at the recent council elections) appeared to make the "concession" that he would allow the British people a referendum on EU membership - in the next parliament in the unlikely position of him being in power with a majority.
     Even this, Cameron's second promise of a referendum has already been proven false. The Previous one being what he called a "cast iron" promise of a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty.
     He has no intention of honouring an out vote in the unlikely event one occurs. In an interview with the Spanish El Pais  he said “The best solution for the UK is to stay in a reformed EU”
      He was asked the following (via Google translate):
In case of a Yes victory in the referendum that you will organize on leaving the EU, would you be willing to withdraw from the Union?
And Cameron’s response:
"I would not." (No me gustaría)
That Cameron makes such an admission – of wilfully ignoring a referendum vote – in a foreign newspaper is revealing. Truly he’s the child of Europe, his hero evidently instead is Barroso (EU Commission President) who said of the Irish
“They must go on voting until they get it right.”

Slightly amazingly “cast-iron” has managed to sink even lower.
Neil Craig (UKIP Glasgow secretary)
Posted by The Boiling Frog here though for some reason this has not become UK headline news
    John Redwood is clearly unaware of this having just denied it - comment 8.54 today.

UPDATE John Redwood has put these replies to my comment and following ones which seems unpersuaded:

Reply Mr Cameron’s position is very clear. He thinks he can negotiate a decent deal which he then will support and wants the Uk to vote for. He has also said that he cannot accept our current position. Of course he would accept the verdict of the Uk voters in any referendum.
  • Reply I can assure you he knows he will have to follow the results of the referendum – what’s the point of one if we don’t do that? I have no idea what happened with a Spanish journalist and the translation.


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