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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scotsman Letter - The Meaning Of Life, The Universe & Everything - Author's Cut

Angus Logan (letter friday) suggests it is possible that science will, at some time in the future, find evidence of the existence of a God. I think that it is indeed possible that science could prove a self aware creator exists. Indeed if the universe has a purpose that may be it.
     So closely are the various parameters of physical laws correlated to the existence of complexity that a single universe produced by accident is the most unlikely of all options. For example had gravity been a stronger force the heavier elements, which are all produced in the hearts of stars, would never have escaped while if it was weaker the interstellar gas clouds would never have coalesced into stars. Either we live in a multiverse or in a created universe.
       However does anybody believe that a self aware creator is likely to resemble, in any significant way, any of the widely varying promises of preachers throughout the millennia? Including in its interest in humanity's prayers, with the intercession of those preachers?
      Scientists proving a creator's existence would be the end not the triumph of religion.
   This was a letter published by the Scotsman on 30th March which I have unfortunately not been able to post here since I was offline. Underlined are the parts which they edited.
   Not one of my normal political letters - this goes to a much deeper subject, on which I have far less certainty.
   Nonetheless I am proud of the original letter. In this case I have no problem saying that it was far superior to the version the Scotsman published. I assume they also thought that the full version was rather to strong for readers to contemplate over breakfast

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