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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brian's Big Debate - Unaskable Questions

   I think it worth putting up the 2 questions that I sent to "Brian's Big Debate". Since there were only about 20 people in the audience and it is unlikely that even half of them put in questions beforehand the fact that neither were chosen suggests something not unexpected about BBC direction of "debate".

   Both questions were based on current news stories - SEPA's decision on how to enforce a "clean up" of Dalgety Bay is due shortly and the Met Office have had a well publicised meeting of "climate scientists" to come up withy explanations of the globe not warming:

 Dalgety Bay:
The SEPA wish to spend £10s of millions of public money clearing up the alleged radiation hazard ot Dalgety Bay. However their own documents show they know that the radiation level there is "less than 2/3rds" that of any Aberdeen street, which, means about 1/70th of natural background radiation in places like Kerala in India without any measurable damage.

Any square mile of topsoil contains 9 tons of uranium and thorium and thus also 1 gram of radium whereas the amount of water soluble radium paint left at Dalgety 60 years ago cannot have been less that 1/4 of a gram.

Should SEPA be required to prove that there is a danger, or even to prove that there is some actual radium paint there, before spending so much on this scare.
The Met Office are gathering "experts" to explain how we could have had a cold winter. Despite 18 years without warming Holyrood unanimously voted for the most expensive climate change act in the world, which will keep us in permanent recession and the BBC insist catastrophic warming is the single most widely accepted theory in science. Can panel members suggest any other reasons for the cold which are compatible with catastrophic warming not being a false scare.

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