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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Official - Scotland's Politics Some Of The Most Corrupt In the World - Media Too

   On Monday I wrote of my new ThinkScotland article which explains how 7/8ths of the budget of Scottish government projects goes "missing". I said that one obvious explanation is corruption - either straight theft, "preferred bidder status being bought by backhanders, deliberate "hiring" of friends of those in charge to do no productive work etc. etc.

   I also said that if there was any other explanation our Holyrood politicians would be able, and would clearly want, to provide it. The same applies also to our newspapers and broadcasters.

   I have to say, having contacted both, that not one single MSP nor one single Scots journalist has felt there is any other explanation any of them feel able to make of how all these billions of pounds can be disappearing other than their fraud and theft. The MSPs and Executive are legally and morally responsible.

  By comparison with Russia I previously said how the Telegraph reported that the fact that roadbuilding in Russia cost 2.5 times more there than in the EU (£7 mill against £2.9 mill per mile) was due to both theft and bureaucratic parasitism in Russia. Suggesting fraud cost £4.2 mill per mile. The Aberdeen bypass was £23.3 million per mile, suggesting fraud in Scotland takes £20.4 million, meaning corruption is 5 times more serious a problem here than there.

   The Scottish budget is £30 billion. I still believe it is likely that significant parts of it are not subject to being 87% theft.

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