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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where There's Muck.... - Metro Letter

   I am told that this letter (probably an edited version) is in today's Metro free paper of which I have spoken very favourably. That is pretty cool since the Metro letter page doesn't many letters, let alone many political ones.

  I'm sure Swift would have been able to do it with more subtle irony.

I see the heartwarming news that the island of Muck is getting full time electricty, from "cheap" windmills and solar power. A mere £978,840.

The population of Muck is 30. That makes it £30,000 per person, or over £100,000 per household. A 4 kw diesel generator (much more than windmillers assume households use when they report that such and such new windfarm can supply X many homes) can be bought for £1,000.

I hope the people of Muck retain their old 10 kw generator as well, just in case of some unprecedented moment when the wind is not blowing quite fast enough to produce power and it is night time and the electricity thus ceases to be "full time".

However I am pleased to see the "renewables" industry continuing to provide jobs with their normal level of efficiency and fiscal prudence. Lets hope Britain never gets into a recession and finds such generosity difficult to afford.

Neil Craig

generators for sale     This was inspired by by a news item in the Scotsman and I initially sent them a slightly longer version which they didn't use. No complaints since I had just had 2 letters published and my original was more directly sarcastic about the Scotsman failing to report the obvious comparison between cost and population involved, but it is good to become a Metro regular. This version went out to all and sundry.      This is the original article. My thanks to Dr GM Lindsay for bringing it to my attention.

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