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Monday, March 11, 2013

Forth Bridge - £2,300 Million Taken From The Public - Is There any Explanation Other than The Ovbious.

   Latest ThinkScotland article up. I don't actually use the word "fraud" to describe how Holyrood, almost unanimously, chose to take £460 from every voter for what they knew to be a useless white elephant and ensured that £402 of that ended up in the hands of friends who had not earned it.

   As an openly scandalous misuse of our money this £2,300 useless project goes way beyond the Scottish Parliament building (£430 million) or the tram project (probably £1,000 before it is over) in both cost and uselessness of the original project.

I must admit when I heard of this I thought that the media protest would raise the roof. Indeed I thought my letter, sent to a number of papers, from which much of the rest of this article is taken, would be merely one small wave in a torrent of such.


Possibly it was but none of them got published. Zilch, nada, barely a cheep from the Scottish media.


Does this media uninterest in the selling of a false prospectus costing every man woman and child in Scotland £440 explain why, despite a fairly proportional electoral process that nominally produces relatively low barriers to entry the political system, we have one of the most closed, inbred, useless and unresponsive political classes west of North Korea.

    There may be an explanation other than corruption on a scale that makes Russian politicians and media look like symbols of rectitude.

    If so, since this is going out to these politicos and journalists, they will doubtless, at last, be eager to say what it is and thus explain that they are not personally wholly corrupt..

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