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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Buchanan Street - Free Speech Under Threat

Sent to the Scottish press & broadcasters.

UKIP Glasgow would like to thank the Glasgow Feminist Collective for their street theatre demonstration of the threat free speech is under.
On Saturday we had a stall, one of several in Buchanan Street on different issues. Early in the day we were approached by a young Unite member who remonstrated with us, on no particular policy issues.
Then in the afternoon a roving demo of the Glasgow Feminist Collective marched up to us en masse and started shouting at us and passers-by about the vital feminist issue of promoting unlimited immigration. The young Uniter was well to the rear pulling strings.
Since the issue we were campaigning on, on that bitterly cold day, was that, in the name of fighting catastrophic global warming, the LabNatConDemGreen cartel have quite deliberately and unnecessarily pushed up our electricity prices to be among the world's highest, putting 900,000 Scots households into fuel poverty, killed 25,000 pensioners annually (& aiming for more), are xclosing down 10% of electricity generating capacity bt April and, by making our industry uncompetitive, produced the recession, their response seemed inappropriate and making blackouts highly probable.

I have no antagonism to the excitable young lady who attacked me grabbing my leaflets on the subject. Hopefully, with time for a change of mood, she will recognise that she was being used.
Nonetheless the general impression given was that this group is, in the manner of historic fascists, opposed to peaceful free speech.
In the interests of better relations we offer to engage in a public debate on either why they believe promoting massive subsidy of windmills and the consequences or the promotion of unlimited immigration, are massive feminist issues on which they are right and we wrong.
Since the entire LabNatConDemGreen cartel, including every single MSP, have previously refused to peacefully and publicly debate the Catastrophic Warming story they could thereby prove themselves more reasonable and temperate than the professionals.

PS Looking at their Facebook page it seems the Glasgow Feminists have just split with the Socialist Worlers Party. Splitters.

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Get yourself a megaphone and outshout the leftists.Its coming time to start developing antagonism towards people whose aim is to destroy this country.
Free speech gives the right for each side to be heard, feminist or ukip, but all groups must be prepared to be shouted down by opponents, that is what free speech is about.
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