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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shale Gas Worth £5 bn to Scotland

   That is the headline the Scotsman put on it, thereby being equivocal about the fact that it is £5 bn a year.

SCOTLAND is sitting on up to £5 billion of natural gas reserves which could be extracted using the controversial technique known as fracking, financial experts said today.

A report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said Scotland is in a prime position to “capitalise” on shale gas, which is produced by fracking, due to the expertise that already exists in the country’s oil and gas sector.

Reserves of the gas, which has helped transform the fortunes of the United States economy, potentially lie beneath a huge swathe of central Scotland stretching from Aberdeenshire to Dumfries and Galloway.

But the moratorium has now been lifted by the UK government, with large parts of Scotland such as Fife, Stirling and Aberdeenshire now being viewed as ripe for the dash for shale gas.

The PwC report Shale Oil – the Next Energy Revolution said fracking could boost the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by around 2 to 3.3 per cent by 2035 – worth about £30bn to £50bn.

    That gives us about 10% of the UK reserves, just over our population %.

    £5bn comes to £1,000 per head per year. In fact if it meant we didn't have to pay for the extortionate windmillery and thus electricity and gas prices came down to a fraction of what they currently are, rather than rising another 60% as the politicians want, it would have an effect several multiples of that effect and certainly get Britain and Scotland out of recession.

   In reporting this the Scotsman chose to give the views of the Green party and the state funded Campaign Against Fracking in Scotland, whose views were obvious ,plus the SNP, who avoided saying anything and the Conservatives whose support of ending recession was lukewarm. but not of UKIP, the only party unequivocally in favour of lower energy prices and thus ending the recession.

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Fracking is a bubble being promoted by financial institutions and has nothing to do with increasing the supply of energy.
And presumably heavier than air flight is equally impossible if the Luddites say it. Luddites don't need no steenkin' evidence.
A sully article about the US market which only mentions that the US gas prices have quartered when quoting the boss of exxon complaining that his more conventional gas production cannot compete on price.

Look we both know the ecofascist movement is supported by big businesses that want monopoly profits but it might be wise not to make it so obvious you are in bed with Exxon.
First I am a Luddite and now in bed with Exxon, bizarre logic by anyone's imagination.

Fracking like nuclear energy can only work if one cons the taxpayer, by lower energy costs, to subsidise it continually to justify its existence.

What on earth is implausable with you ecofascists being both Luddites and in bed with Exxon? Your predecesor, adolf Hitler, was both a socialist and took money from Krupps.

The claim that either shale or nuclear needs subsidy is something that could never be said by anybody who feels that Goebbels' tactic of the "big lie" is in any way reprehensible.
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