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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Redf Nose Day Fraud and 28 Gate - Another Unpublished Letter

   This letter has just gone out to 55 papers across Britain and elsewhere so it isn't technically censored yet. I'm betting. In the unlikely event that that the MSM don't prove, yet again to be corrupt censoring scum I will, of course, apologise to them.

Any side bets. This brings it up to 756 letters sent out on 28 gate (admittedly mostly duplicates) without any dead tree publication.


Red Nose Day certainly raises a lot of money for good causes, as it ought to with the effort the BBC puts into promoting it. But where does it go?

Some of that money went to the International Broadcasting Trust which, while hardly composed of starving kids, sounds like it might be a worthy cause.

As it turns out the IBT was the organisation the BBC turned to set up the symposium of what for 6 years they have repeatedly described as "28 leading scientists", who advised them that the science was so settled over the catastrophic global warming alarmism that they were perfectly right to ignore their legal duty of balance, slanting the news and censoring dissent to push this scare story.

The BBC hired teams of barristers and induced Helen Boaden, suspended due to her role in the Savile scandal, now been appointed Head of Radio, to testify on oath that they were not only all scientists but "scientists with contrasting views” in their attempt to stop a Freedom of Information request for names.

When this broke, reported under the name "28 gate" by about 100 million blog sites we found out who the IBT had laid on. 2 scientists, a large number of government funded alarmists (including the 2 scientists), some renewable salespeople, to ensure the support of higher authority, somebody from the Church of England and another from the US embassy and a collection of foreign aid activists. The testified scientists with multiple views were non-existent.

IBT started off, with red nose money, as a lobbyist for foreign aid activity before adding warming alarmist lobbying to its portfolio. Our charity money at work.

Neil Craig

Ref Boaden's testimony

28 gate and the IBT
   And incidentally the Scotsman has cocked a snook at integrity by inviting Alex Orr, discussed before, who is a paid, through his company, PR flack for the windmill industry and is presumably also paid for his constant flacking for the EU & the SNP to write a "personal" opinion piece today.

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