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Sunday, February 03, 2013

2 Letters on the EU - One Unpublished, One Lets See

  A couple of letters sent out to the Scottish and in the first case also UK press on  Cameron's referendum promise and the effect of our entry without a referendum in Scotlanmd respectively.

  The first was unpublished and the 2nd, which went out today, I suspect will not reach the literary standards of our press - either that or the press, like the BBC, are heavily censoring the debate:


The Conservatives are now denouncing Messrs Miliband, Clegg and now Salmond, for their opposition to a referendum on independence from an EU which makes 75% of our laws as showing their contempt for democracy..

Well yes but wasn't it an affront to democracy the previous week when Cameron was also still against a referendum?

Wasn't it an affront that "cast iron promise" Cameron went back on his promise to support a referendum over the Lisbon treaty (albeit slightly more slowly than the LabNatDems did)?

If we have a right to a say haven't we a right to a say before Bulgars and Rumanians get the right to come here in unlimited numbers?

Before, with the EU costing 150 bn a year we are another 700 billion down?

Or does anybody actually think this "renegotiation" is going to dramatically change anything, including the fact that the EU has, for decades, been the slowest growing part of the world economy and is now in recession as the rest of the world grows at 6%?

If not this offer of a referendum, long after Cameron's PMship is likely to be history, is simply smoke and mirrors to keep us obedient.

Neil Craig (Sec, UKIP Glasgow Branch)

I note that the SNP are opposed to a referendum on independence - independence from the institution that creates 75% of our laws, the EU.

Indeed at recent First Minister's questions their leader seemed to be saying that the Scots shouldn't even get a vote on whether as an "independent" country we would sign up to the EU. This despite the obvious fact that, with no bargaining power, the terms we get would almost certainly be far harsher, being limited to the formal terms for new countries, excluding the various opt outs Westminster has negotiated over the years.

It has been calculated that these regulatory opt outs have saved 1.8 million jobs in the UK. Proportionately to our population, removing those opt outs will thus cost 140,000 Scots jobs. Possibly more since we have a high rate of engineering, agricultural and fishing jobs and lower of office ones. But such is the SNP enthusiasm for "ever closer union" that we won't even be asked if we want this.

Neil Craig (Sec, UKIP Glasgow Branch)

Ref  - The 1.8 million figure comes from a soon to be published work from the Freedom Association "‘Europe’ doesn’t work: the three-million-jobs-at-risk lie and related misconceptions"

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