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Friday, January 04, 2013

The End Of Kyoto - 28 Gate - Unpublished Letters

  This is a letter I sent out to 55 papers. We have already seen that 28 gate is a censored subject in our mainstream media, though "28 gate + BBC" is on 20.8 million sites online. Kyoto isn't fairing that much better. "Kyoto treaty" being worth more than 90 million hits on Google, where historic references are usually retained but only 6,780 on Google News to cover the news of its end - which objectively is as important and newsworthy as its start, but which doesn't fit the agenda of those in charge. Incidentally of the leading mentions the sole one in the British media is in New Scientist where no mention would have stuck out far further than a sore thumb.
As we enter the new year may I ask people of good will to raise a small glass to the end of the Kyoto Treaty. It lapsed on 31st December with nobody, not even the European Union seriously pushing for its replacement.

Remember how, for years, we could not open a paper or hear a news broadcast without being lambasted about how the Kyoto treaty united the world (and of how its inevitable successor would bring in even more, desirable, restrictions in what only sceptics called "The War On Fire."

Sceptics, of course, were excluded from the broadcast debate because, as we were regularly assured "the debate is over" on whether catastrophic warming was taking place. Indeed the debate seemed over before it started when James Hansen asserted that temperatures would rise at least 1/2 a degree a decade. After all the world respected BBC had arranged a symposium of the world's 28 "leading scientists", representing all views according to court testimony, who had told them that the BBC was right to ignore its Charter duty of balance to push the global warming scare. Only in November did the news break online (across 23 million sites according to Google) that only 2 of the 28 leading scientists were actually scientists and that only alarmists had been invited to the impartial meeting.

As Kyoto disappears, mentioned in only 5,560 papers worldwide (including only 1 american and no British ones) let us look forward to a new year in which most of the costs ($800 million a day worldwide), in the form of subsidies for windmills, electric cars, trains, & extra taxes on everything from plastic bags to holiday flights, are still in place.
With 3 general letters and 1 to a specific paper since I last recorded it that means 561 letters sent to the dead tree press and not one published. A record matched only by their refusal to allow letters that mentioned the, now acknowledged but still censored, dissection of living people by NATO "police" in Kosovo.      I will let you know when I hit 1,000.      When you bear in mind that "reader's" letters are meant to be the last place in a newspaper where independent opinionn can be expressed (& that papers have long been known to write their own letters on slow days) censorship there is worse than censorship in si8mple "news" items which we all know are largely placed there by government agencies anyway.

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