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Monday, January 07, 2013

Recent Reading - mainly Science, Energy & Eco

Scientific misconduct contributes to more retractions than previously realized, according to a new analysis published today (October 1) in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Using retractions indexed in Pubmed, researchers found that fabrication, falsification, and duplication led to more retractions than error or plagiarism.

And this is across the board. No wonder fraud is the normal course for warming alarmist "scientists".


A group of Swedish scientists at the University of Gothenburg have published a paper in which they argue that spreading peatlands are inexorably driving planet Earth into its next ice age, and the only thing holding back catastrophe is humanity's hotly debated atmospheric carbon emissions.
"We are probably entering a new ice age right now. However, we're not noticing it due to the effects of carbon dioxide," says Professor of Physical Geography Lars Franzén, from the Department of Earth Sciences at Gothenburg uni.

I have no idea if this will turn out to be right but I do know it has not, for purely political reasons, got a fraction of the publicity or grant money of the warming scam.
A reminder of how the media & not just the broadcasters, slant & censor the true facts:

The TV cameras reporting the event reported that the nationalist delegates did their debating against a backdrop of a sizeable demonstration opposing nuclear weapons that was being staged outside the Perth conference hall.
However, what has gone largely unremarked upon was that a much bigger demonstration – at least three times bigger (actually probably 10 times) than the ban-the-bomb lot – took place 24 hours later.

Saturday's event was organised by various groups opposed to the plethora of wind farms now springing up, or being planned, all over Scotland and it is a subject that is much more immediate than the future of Trident submarines.
  The ultimate proof of the power of economics. Note that this does not mean any deliberate action but simply that human health depends on mood as much as anything else.

Economists Wojciech Kopczuk of Columbia University and Joel Slemrod of the University of Michigan studied how mortality rates in the United States were changed by falling or rising estate taxes. They note that while the evidence of "death elasticity" is "not overwhelming," every $10,000 in available tax savings increases the chance of dying in the low-tax period by 1.6 percent. This is true both when taxes are falling, so that people are surviving longer to achieve the tax savings, and when they are rising, so that people are dying earlier, according to Kopczuk and Slemrod.

Ireland "close to oil billions"
UK offshore reserves of shale gas could exceed one thousand trillion cubic feet (tcf), compared to current rates of UK gas consumption of 3.5 tcf a year, or five times the latest estimate of onshore shale gas of 200 trillion cubic feet.

Reserves of 200 tcf would put the UK in the top 20 countries with the highest shale reserves, alongside Brazil, and 1,000 tcf would put Britain in the same league as estimates for China, the United States and Argentina, top dogs in global shale potential.

The dawn of the age of cheap energy has barely broken. At least 93% of energy costs arer state parasitism.
 Fracing causes no harm - shock.

Rewritten Fracking by pseudo-environmentalists because making something sound like a swear word or evil, like "Frankenfoods" is so much more effective than facts.

The natural rate of increase of energy use & thus world GNP was stopped about 1970. I assume the “world” energy growth post 2000 is as entirely among the non US/EU countries as the GNP growth has been.
Clear visual evidence of the effect of political Luddism coming to power.

If the graph had continued at the rate of the 1960s rise world energy use would now be double what it was. Had the visibly rising trend continued it is impossible to estimate how much further it would have risen.

There is a virtually 1;1 correlation between energy and GDP growth in a free society.
Electricity production in the UK - Luddism triumphant.

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