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Friday, January 11, 2013

Brian's Big Debate - "Not Censoring But Don't Mention 28 Gate"

     I was in the audience for today's BBC radio's "Brian Taylor's Big Debate" (not actually a debate since the BBC don't do debates, simply a chance for politicians from approverd parties to make approved statements.

    It was held in Glasgow Universitiy's Wellington Church, an impressive Greek temple in the middle of Glasgow University. Naturally, the BBC being the "balanced" propagandists they are they had guests from the LabNatConDem cartel and an approved journalist but nobody from UKIP despite it having considerably more support in the polls than the Dem part of the cartel.

      The news had just broken of the report of a Savile enquiry (they found he dunnit)  and thus this became the first question.

       I got 1 remark, in the first 10 minutes of the programme, from the audience, after which, unaccountably, my raised hand was overlooked.

      "From the BBC point of view the worst thing is that this is just one of a list of recent scandals the BBC is involved in. The most serious is the 28 gate scandal which the BBC are still desperately trying to censor although it has gone viral online, featured on over 20 million sites. The BBC has been caught, across the entire organisation, lying and censoring for 6 years about having the support of 28 scientists in promoting the global warming scare, indeed even the  ...."

       At about this point Brian inteverned (the microphone may have been removed a few seconds earlier) to say "I won't say I'm censoring you but I want to deal with Savile"
   Before I could finish by saying " editor, Helen Boaden, has testified, in court, that these were not only 28 scientists but "scientists with contrasting views" - 2 pieces of perjury in one sentence, more serious and less excusable than Tommy Sheriden's"

   Obviously Taylor and the approved guests didn't mention it in any way but I believe  can still claim my goldfish for winning the first mention of 28 gate on the BBC contest, 2 months after it broke.

   There were 2 other members of UKIP in the audience. Robert got in a mention of a previous law change which made it illegal for children in "care" to complain of being abused & Michael, who had taken a central seat 3 rows back, got called 3 times.

    Also of interest was the reaction to the final "debate2 item - the "remporary" remodelling of George Square, intended to cost £15 million to remove the statues. Popular opinion was overwhelmingly against it. Michael made the point that those supporting it on the claim that this would somehow bring business to the city had produced no reports, let alone evidence, that this would be so.

    An interesting event.  I'm not sure if I should have mentioned UKIP while calling the BBC liars and censors but it was a shame I didn't get a chance to put the name on the air later. 

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