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Thursday, December 06, 2012

There Is An Obvious "Button To Push"/"Easy Route" Out Of Recession Despite What Cameron/Osborne Say

Dear Messrs Cameron & Osborne,
                                                       In discussing yesterday's economic review we heard:

David Cameron said yesterday that it was difficult to kickstart growth: ‘If there was a button you could push in Whitehall which just said “right, growth comes” I would have pushed it long ago.


Mr Osborne admitted the economic outlook remained uncertain but insisted there were some positive signs.
He said: ‘Our economy is healing – jobs are being created, manufacturing and exports have grown as a share of our economy, our trade with the emerging world is soaring, inflation is down, much of the necessary deleveraging in our banking system has been achieved, and the world is once again investing in Britain.

‘But the scale of the challenge is so great there are no quick fixes or easy routes to recovery.

   Perhaps you can explain, indeed you will certainly be able to if the claims are true, why reducing energy costs dramatically by ending the various windmill subsidies, ending all government restrictions on development of shale gas and allowing the immediate building of as many nuclear plants as there is a market for, with no more regulatory costs than is fitting for what is, by orders of magnitude, the safest way of producing power, would not be expected to produce growth?

something which does not seem to be disputed.

Then simply allowing the market to work, an action which since it involves taking no regulatory action, involves less government activity than pushing a button, is certainly an "easy route" would indeed have produced the growth you are allegedly attempting to produce long ago.

    Hopefully you will be able to explain why cheap energy is not such a "fix" within a day or 2, since the information should be well known to you.. If not please regard this as an FoI for the specific evidence you have received proving that it wouldn't work & I will expect it in 20 working days.

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