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Monday, December 31, 2012

Scotsman Letter on Growth & UKIP - Also Raise A Glass To The End Of Kyoto

  This letter is the 3rd of 3 chosen for their headline subject - responding to a silly article by the regularly silly Joyce MacMillan.

Joyce MacMillan says “inequality is our biggest threat.” Might I submit that for any ordinary person, not consumed by jealousy over not being quite as well off as their neighbour, it is more important that we all as a society, on average, get better off than that we should live in a society where everybody is forced into absolute uniformity.
In which case a growing economy making us all better off would be greatly preferable.

In which case our "biggest threat" is that we have been held in recession for more than 4 years now, with no GDP growth, while the world economy (at least excluding the EU) has been growing at 6% annually & the rest of the world is now a quarter wealthier than then.

Much of the reason for our recession must be blamed on a political and media class whose views Joyce so ably represents. UKIP has a range of policies which would bring us the growth the rest of the world is achieving and it is difficult to deny 6% growth is possible when it is so common, but this is anathema to our political and media elite who prefer building a bureaucracy committed to total equality, in the Maoist style, to building a better future.

Neil Craig (Sec, UKIP Glasgow Branch)

  The The editings are in bold. They all seem to me to reduce the force of what I said, on the other hand they may make it fit betterv with the other letters.

    On the 3rd hand the mentions of UKIP and of how we, alone, are committed to the gropwth which is obviously achievable if the will is there, is retained, as is the identification of myself as in UKIP. When, years ago, I wrote letters signing myself as "9% Growth Party theyu al;ways left that out. I think it is important that UKIP be seen as having a broad swath of sensible policies not being just single issue.

  Coincidentally Brian Monteith's article in the same paper has much to say against Cameron and inn favour of UKIP.

While Cameron looks more and more like a modern-day Ted Heath, believing a benign government can solve all our problems – by providing free financial advice, regulating our energy bills or alcohol intake through price controls, or bemoaning Chocolate Oranges at check-outs – Farage looks to emulate Thatcher by taking on the European establishment.

As with the SDP, it will only take one by-election victory for UKIP and our broadcasters, most especially the BBC, will then have to change their rules of engagement and provide the sort of coverage that the party’s current polling of 15 per cent deserves...
All the talk of a need for a new EU relationship only serves to supply greater amounts of oxygen for the UKIP boiler room and make the prospect of some electoral pact going into the 2015 election a necessity. Without such an arrangement – and after a much-anticipated UKIP success in the EU elections (remembering that UKIP pushed Labour into third the last time round), the chances of a Conservative victory are threatened by the haemorrhaging of votes to the new kid on the block.


On a separate issue may I suggest that  you raise a glass at 3pm today, or soon after, to toast the passing of the Kyoto Treaty. As Mike Haseler of SCEF has long been saying:

"It is very likely that on the 31st December at 3pm (midnight Kyoto), there will be no Kyoto treaty, no prospect of a replacement for the Kyoto treaty, and universal condemnation of the idiotic trick by the EU to fabricate a treaty to agree to do what they have already done. It is likely the main stream press  & politicians (without much if any help from sceptics) will finally wake up and smell the reality of a world which had not warmed in 15 years, a reality where climate researchers agree with sceptics that the modes have failed to predict the climate. "

    Actually he seems to overestimate the integrity of our political and media classes. This Google news link currently shows only 5,560 news mentions of "Kyoto treaty"worldwide. Remember when it was mentioned in every eco-fascist news scare about alleged warming. Orwell wrote of how his Ministry of Truth spent its time rewriting old news stories to make them fit the old line but in reality the news controllers only have to ignore their previous lies to make them go away.

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