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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


  Alex Salmond's wind farm delusion.
Global Grain Production at Record High Despite Extreme Climatic Events
Good news for the human race being downplayed. The facts are that (A) there is no evidence of increased "extreme weather" just more reporting of it and (B) one factor, obviously unreported, is that CO2 levels are up and tus plant growth probably 25% up.
Emirates, Saudis drive for nuclear power
When the medieval Saudio monarchy is more progressive than our own beloved leaders you can see how backward they are.
The Happy Pontist
This guy discusses bridges worldwide - big, small, new old - so long as there is some techjnical or even artistic interest. Bridges may be the ultimate mixture so far of good large scale engineering and beauty.
Medium scale engineering and beauty. A motorbike that can drive sideways.

Booker on "that great Europhile, Roy Jenkins. “There are only two coherent British attitudes to Europe. One is to participate fully, and to endeavour to exercise as much influence and gain as much benefit as possible from the inside. The other is to recognise that Britain’s history, national psychology and political culture may be such that we can never be anything but a foot-dragging and constantly complaining member, and that it would be better, and would certainly produce less friction, to accept this and to move towards an orderly, and if possible, reasonably amicable separation.”
Lord Monckton on how religious belief may be a necessity to maintain some moral values in what scientists do. I don't agree but it is a thoughtful as well as intellectual article, in the proper sense of that word.   I do not think any modern politician (probably since Churchill) in any of the other could claim the intellectual breadth he has though I personally would put in a good word for John Redwood.

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