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Monday, December 10, 2012

Labour Voters - Do Those Who Vote For A Goat Wearing A Labour Rosette Deserve Respect?

  Back in my days in the Libdems one of their more intelligent candidates one told me "it's no use telling a Labour voter his MP is an idiot or a crook because they already know".

  I was reminded of this by a couple of items.

Dan Hannan on the Rotherham result:

What does Labour have to do to lose a seat like Rotherham? The previous MP, Denis MacShane, resigned after obtaining public money by deceit – a far worse case of malfeasance than many which attracted heavier opprobrium during the expenses revelations. The candidate chosen to select him, Sarah Champion, was imposed by the NEC, prompting half the local party to walk out in protest. The council's inactivity over child grooming cases was juxtaposed with its unbelievable removal of foster children from UKIP-voting parents.

And yet, even in a by-election, even when there was no chance of changing the government, even when they might have painlessly signalled that they were sick of being messed around by smug politicians, the townsfolk plodded out to give MacShane's party a massive majority.

Guido on the more Labour leader's marginally more human looking brother

David Miliband’s £15,000-a-Day Month

The latest instalment in Guido’s How Much Does David Miliband Earn? series reveals that the jet-setting former Foreign Secretary trousered an average of £15,000-a-day for his outside work last month. Miliband made £25,000 for his two-day job at Sunderland football club, £12,000 for 24-hours’ work advising Oxford Analytica and £23,000 for just one day at VantagePoint Clean Tech. He also enjoyed a £6,000 all-expenses paid trip to Washington. £60,000 for four days work.

If he was competent enough to get any of these jobs on merit i wouldn't object but back when he was in office he had a ministerial blog, rumoured to have cost the taxpayer £100k to set up, onwhich he put the most thought and fact free inanities about "catastrophjic global warming" (& absolutely failed to answer anybody who commented using facts) that it is clear he has the intellectual capacity of pumpkin.

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