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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Interesting Links

  Delingpole's Spectator article about 28 gate
George Kerevan in the Scotsman suggesting the Scotland copuld go for real indepednece - from the EU. Unthinkable to our political class.

"Staying out of the EU would not consign Scotland to isolation. The latest poll in Iceland shows that 59.5 per cent of its people want to scrap their country’s EU application for membership. But what is the alternative to Brussels?

Gordon Wilson, former SNP leader, and Jim Sillars, the party’s former deputy leader, suggest Scotland should open negotiations to join the European Free Trade Area (Efta). There are four countries presently in Efta: Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland."
Open letter to the BBC from the Global Warming Policy Foundation about 28 gate.
Tim Worstall on Britain's real corporation tax rate. As the irish proved this is the tax you want to cut to get growth.

From the Register which makes eveb our best "newspapers" look like propaganda sheets.

Reports suggest that the UK sits on one of the richest deposits of shale gas in the world. An unpublished but independent estimate of UK gas potential by the British Geological Survey suggests it may be more significant to the UK economy than North Sea oil. Cuadrilla initially estimated the UK has enough gas to make it self-sufficient for 15 years at current consumption rates - but this may be underestimated by a factor of four.

Note that this is only for the Preston field that Caudrilla are looking at.

But it may not matter because the government's nominal "permission to extract" gas has its own Merchant of Venice catch to prevent it.

they have a valuable consolation prize few have noticed. Under the proposed regulatory regime, during the fracking process any tremors that measure 0.5 or higher on the Richter scale may trigger an automatic halt to operations under a "traffic light" scheme outlined by the Lib Dem energy minister Ed Davey.

What does this mean? Well, tremors below magnitude 3.0 are considered to be barely noticeable, and bear in mind that the Richter scale is logarithmic: the energy released by a tremor of magnitude 0.5 is equivalent to the energy released by a large hand grenade.

But don't forget this is happening thousands of feet below the surface: a 0.5 event escapes the detection of all but the most sensitive seismic monitoring equipment.

Yet one 0.5 event alone will be enough to halt fracking and it can only be restarted by the minister.

  A lorry driving by would do more damage. Indeed since such tremors occur regularly naturally and the default assumptionn is that fracking must be responsible such a halt is inevitable.
 Obituary of Sir Patrick Moore who, as Delingpole says, would never have got a job in today's BBC, not least because, as a technological progressive, he was a proud member of UKIP
What Lord Monckton told the "climate change conference|" & how they reacted.

• There has been no global warming for 16 of the 18 years of these wearisome, self-congratulatory yadayadathons.

• It is at least ten times more cost-effective to see how much global warming happens and then adapt in a focused way to what little harm it may cause than to spend a single red cent futilely attempting to mitigate it today.

• An independent scientific enquiry should establish whether the U.N.’s climate conferences are still heading in the right direction.
Golden Spike, another new space start up company. I'm not sure this one is doing anything new rather than being m,iddlemenmt for SpaceX but it does show there are an increasing number of people convinced there is lots of money in it.
Richard Branson: the US has best regulatory landscape for private space travel

Practically half of the EU’s renewable energy currently comes from wood and wood waste, which produces less energy per kg of CO2 than coal does because wood has to be dried out.

Also, they let you know before taking cash out. Here note that a few banks continue attempting throughout the day if the cash is not stored in their record in the morning, which implies you, the client, might be charged a decent measure of cash.
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