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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Stay loyal to Labour/Pseudo Liberals or we'll steal your children"

  Brendan O'Neill has this article in Spiked on the Rotherham child grabbing. I have previously pointed out, quoting Spiked, how these "professional carers" had stolen a child because its mother was an EDL member. O'Neill this time also describes a number of other spurious reasons for these bullies to grab up children for their bureuactractic empire buildinhg - primarily that parents smoke or are overwieght.

  Bullies given power to and monmey to bully - the results are inevitable.

  On aniother site a commenter suggested that the Rotherham social workers may have done this deliberately tom browbeat Rotherham's Labour voters.

   "Stay loyal to Labour or we'll steal your children"

   At first sight that seems so ludicrous that nobody could think that would work.

   Then I remembered the 10:10 government/O2 funded video of alarmists killing children who dared to express doubts about catastrophic warming (fortunately special effects) which they released as a propaganda video, obviously honestly believing that that would be persuasive - for ecofascists. (Another piece of news that went viral online and was wholly censored by our Ministry of Truth)

   If our politial paraiste class is that divorced from reality, and parts of it at least have proven to be, then "Stay loyal to Labour or we'll steal your children" must seem like a credible argument.

   One notable thing about this is that thjopugh both Cameron and Milibald distanced themselves from these "caring" fascists, the LibDems didn't.

    If there is any political philosophy that should abhor child stealing (one would think they all would) it is liberalism - a philosophy that puts individaul liberty ahead of government dictatorship as it most basic value (or at least its founders did).

  Yet the Pseudo-Liberals in Britain stayed silent at least at the leadership level. I decided to check the LibDem blogs site and found only 1 blog across the whole party discussing it.

   This was Stephen Glenn's who was broadly, if not entirely openly supportive, at least sympatheric about the scum who did it and deeply unsympathetic of the victims, who implicitly deserved it for being UKIP supporters.

   I put a post asking what about liberal principles and he icensored it.

   Which is an answer of sorts.

    When compared to the BNP I don't thjink anybody honest can now deny the Pseudo"LibDems" are not only far more fascist and indeed Nazi (look at their enthusiatic support of genocide and worse in Kosovo) but also anybody in the party who claims the right to use the word is, by definition, not just a fascist but a wholly corrupt fascist to boot.

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