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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spiked Letter - Politicians Falsely Claiming Scientific Authority

  In response to this Spiked article about the conviction of Italian earthquake scientists.

O’Neill is wrong to say that scientists as a group are guilty of supporting the global warming scare.
Of the 60 per cent of the world’s scientists who are not paid by government, not a single one has been identified as supporting the catastrophe theory. Easily the largest single expression of an individual scientist’s opinion is the Oregon Petition signed by 31,000, saying a CO2 rise is actually a good thing.

What we see is government giving money and publicity to a very small number of people, none of whom have any independent scientific reputation, but who are willing to endorse the government’s desire for some scare story to keep us obedient.
In the Italian case too, it seems that the only verifiable failure was not that the convicted scientists made a false statement but that their political boss did. Thus the disaster is caused not by scientists claiming authority but by politicians claiming scientific authority and having the media control to make it stick.
Neil Craig, UK

  Nothing I haven't said before about warming but the comparison with Italy, where the political push was in the opposite direction, to damp down fear not to raise it, is worthwhile. The difference is that there was no extra power, taxes or controls to be gained by raising fears of earthquakes.

   Doubtless if the Church of England was a broad enough church to include earthquake gods, as it does catastrophic warmism, we would be being taxed to placate them.

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