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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cost Of Public Projects - Scotsman Letter

  This short letter in today, unedited. Continuing the questioning about the Aberdeen bypass and the general apparent inability to do infrastructure without out about 7 times more than the engineering cost going missing. As with defending the warming scam the silence from our legislators is deafening:

John Eoin Douglas (Letters,
 9 November) suggests that we “twin” with Amsterdam because it also has problems with its tram system. It might be even better to liaise with countries that have built a tram system successfully. When Melbourne can build 3km of tramline for £13.5 million, we may have something to learn.

Further, China can build a mile of road for £840,000, despite alleged corruption there, but Scotland’s Aberdeen bypass is £23.3 million a mile. Perhaps Alex Salmond could “twin” with its government to our benefit.

Neil Craig

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