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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shetland News - Tunnels Letter & Stuff About Media Propagandising

In July I wrote here of the possibility of connecting the main Shetland islands by tunnels. If done at the costs the Norwegians have done it, the total cost of road linking all the main islands would be about £80 million – a quarter of the long term cost of a couple of ferries (Letters of 29 July and 20 July).
In response Michael Craigie, manager of transport planning confirmed (Letter of 27 July) that the council were absolutely committed to providing such fixed links and that a decision on how to go about it was to be expected in their meeting in September.
Perhaps the council will confirm that they are now in the process of getting a firm quote and making it public.

Neil Craig

  This week Question Time was in Glasgow. A number of UKIPers, including myself, applied to be in the audience & to be fair to the BBC, 3 got through (but not me) which is probably about 1 1/2% of the audience. (latest polls show us with 8% support). For the 4th week running no member of Britain's 3rd party, UKIP, was on the panel though the 4th Party, the LibDems has been 0n 3 times.

   The BBC attitude to their legal duty of balance is displayed in their application form, where they list parties, presumably in the order by whcih they choose them:

Liberal Democrats  (4th in reality)
Green  (6th\)
Scottish National
Plaid Cymru
Ulster Unionist
Democratic Unionist
Sinn Fein
Social Democrat & Labour
UKIP   (3rd party)
Would not vote
Note that for the BNP, the fifth party, the position, as with blacks and irish applying for jobs in the 1960s, is BNp "need not apply".
Comment I put on an "environmentalist" blog replying to a statement that "£that organic food isn't beter for you isn't the point". No response forthcoming.
Whether “organic” food is in any way better isn’t the point.

That CO2 rise isn’t doing any harm isn’t the point about the CO2 scare.

That nuclear isn’t dangerous, indeed is by orders of magnitude, the safer isn’t the point.

That acid rain isn’t harmful, indeed is good for the environment isn’t the point.

That peak oil (for any of the myriad of dates promised) is a lie is not the point.

That shale gas is perfectly safe and the Gasland film a deliberate fraud isn’t the point.

That sea levels aren’t rising and net ice is actually growing isn’t the point.

That CFCs do no harm isn’t the point.

That polar bear numbers are increasing isn’t the point.

That the hundreds of millions dying from starvation promised was a lie isn’t the point.

That every single catastrophje prediction across the entire “environmental” movement was a lie isn’t the point.

Because concern for the environment itself isn’t the point of the “environmental movement” at all – it is simply a flag to fly.
The point is that they are Luddites who are scared of human progress, because they think they aren’t up to understanding it, and will tell absolutely any lie to scare people and hopefully get the government to give them a privileged position or pay them Danegeld as well.

On "Liberal Conspiracy" I asked about economic liberalism.

UKIP’s economic policy is to cut back government spending to, after inflation, where it was in 1997, stop subsidising windmills, let the electricity industry use as much nuclear and shale gas power as gthere is a market for, get rid of the most serious regulatory restrictions on wealth production and of the restrictive EU. This would get us to the 6% growth rate the rest of the non-EU world ia achieving.
Since this is what is called liberal economics I thought I would ask if there is anybody here who can give any reasons (not simply explaining that they don’t like it) why this would not work?

   The answe is no, on what is possibly the country's best known pseudo-liberal site, with quite a number of participants with access to the media, nobody can come up with a coherent argument that real liberal economics won't work. Rudeness they can manage.

John Redwood on what issues matter:

"The polls confirm that the economy is the overriding issue to most people. The rising cost of living and unemployment dominate as concerns. People have been very worried about the price of fuel and energy, fares and Council tax, all items that goverment has considerable influence over"

I replied

" If we had uncensored media, particularly TV, where most people get most of their news, we would see considerable movement in opinion away from the positions the BBC/C4 state broadcasters hold.
This obviously applies to the EU where the case for withdrawl is overwhelming in economic terms and almost wholly censored by the BBC.
On immigration the unmentioned fact is that we do not have the power to stop immigration from within the EU. While it is now widely known, except by those who get all their news from the state broadcasters that Labour deliberately promoted mass immigration the fact that Cameron’s promise to cut it back to “thousands” was wholly dishonest as long as we remain in the EU is not so widely appreciated.
That throughout the “world recession” world growth has been 5% & that we could get out of recession in days if the political class were not deliberately keeping us in it is never mentioned by the lamestream media and therefore not widely known."

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