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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scotsman Letter - UKIP Deserves Common Courtesy

  I sent this short letter of complaint to the Scotsman and they went and published it.

If you are to invite John Paterson to write for you to say that UKIP are “clowns”, may I suggest that common courtesy requires that you invite somebody from UKIP to say, at equal length, why we believe not being in the EU is an intelligent policy. I am sure UKIP could provide a number of people capable of doing so in an intelligent manner without descending to personal insults.

Neil Craig

  Professor Paterson had written a Perspective article for the Scotsman.

  It may be argued that on occasion I have produced insults of some ecofascists etc. However I have always explained, then or previously, why whatever I have said is factually proven and thus not really an insult. Any criticsm has been relevent to the argument not gratuitous, as the term "clowns" clearly is unless Paterson has some evidence of UKIP members putting on the greasepaint.

   When one has to depend on gratuitous insults as opposed to factual argument, as Professor Paterson does (and as climate alarmists regularly do) it strongly suggests they know intellectual argument has failed them.

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