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Monday, October 15, 2012

Open Letter to Asda, BT, EDF, Microsoft, Marks & Spencer and Alliance Boots.EcoFascists

  Unlike politicians, who only have to satisfy their customers once every 5 years, have very limited competition due to the barriers to entry to nre political movements and the fact that losing one customer, unlike losing 1 vote, has a real cost, busuness is actually mush more responsive to customer disapproval.

   I would therefore reccomend that writing to these organisations is likely to be more effective than the totally ineffective writing to ecofascist MPs & MSPs.

    EDF's email , Alliance Boots, the others have contact forms - google - contact name

Dear Asda, BT, EDF, Microsoft, Marks & Spencer and Alliance Boots

   I understand that you have put your company's name to a demand in an open letter, that the British government legislate a specific CO2 limit for Britain by 2030.   

I trust you do not dispute that any major limitation on CO2 production, unless it were achieved by nuclear power which you have not supported, would at best greatly increase electricity prices and thus fuel poverty and excess winter deaths as well, since there is a close correlation between electricity use and GDP, keep the country in permanent recession.

At worst, as Ofgem are predicting, this will cause massive blackouts by 2015 - which will mean an even faster descent into poverty and deaths.

I understand that this is because you claim we are experiencing catastrophic global warming on a scale so destructive as to justify the deaths and impoverishment of your customers.

I must admit that I do not see this catastrophic warming. Indeed this summer seemed to me to be relatively cool. However, unless your company merely has a perverse delight un killing your customers you must have irrefutable evidence of this catastrophic warming.

Knowing that there is no politician, government finned alarmist or journalist who feels there is sufficient evidence to convince any reasonable group of people I would be obliged to know what this evidence you have is?

If you have none can you think of any reason why, knowing that, as ecofascist extremists, you are committed to harming and indeed killing your customers for amusement, I or any reasonable person should ever wish to purchase anything from you.

Neil Craig

  Should any of these murdering ecofascist organisations reply providing the evidence I will, of course, publish it.

Neil, I hope this is not a cut and paste of what you sent - there are too many spelling mistakes in it to be taken seriously.

Afraid it was. I have corrected now. We will see what happens.
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