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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nuclear Radiation Scare Links

  A commenter elsewhere has given a link to my collected links on the Linear No Threshold scare story - that there is no lower limit at which radiation is safe - on which virtually the entire anti-nuclear movement depends. In my opinion this scare story for which there has never been any evidence & an increasing amount of evidence that low level radiation is beneficial, has been considerably more damaging to humanity than even the catastrophic warming fraud.  He also provided a couple of other links:

This pdf from Jerry Cuttler gives a fair summary and concludes with these reccomendations:

• Scientific societies should organize events to discuss radiation and health
• Regulatory bodies and health organization should examine the scientific evidence
• Stop calculating nuclear safety cancer risk
• Stop regulating harmless radiation sources
• Develop public communication programs
• Raise radiation level for evacuation from
20 to 1000 mSv/year

The other link shows it is a politically enforced scare which the scientific community knows to be fraudulent.

“What is the general feeling among people in your line of work,” I asked, “about whether the dangers of nuclear radiation are being exaggerated?”
There was a sullen silence until one volunteer finally put up his hand. “We don’t really have any choice in the matter,” he said. “We have to do what the regulators tell us. The powers that be say there is no safe dose of radiation so we have to guard against any emissions whatever, no matter how small.”

A couple of other people gave dispirited seconds to his remarks, but one more outspoken audience member, a sales representative for the western United States, finally spoke out. “You know,” he said, “we really ought to do something about this. We know the dangers of radiation are highly exaggerated and we know that the public is being misled on this issue. There ought to be some way we could reach the public on this issue. We ought to put out a statement or something.”....

As one attendee explained to me at the cocktail hour afterwards, “Ever since the earliest days of nuclear power there’s been a general aura of fear surrounding the issue of radiation. People are just scared of it and scientists in the field really don’t like to talk about it much. That’s why we call ourselves `health physicists’ instead of `radiation specialists.’”

It’s sad to see an entire profession so badly cowed, afraid to confront the public over something they firmly believe. But of course the reaction is more than likely to be that the profession has been “bought by the nuclear industry” and that radiation specialists are callously willing to endanger the public “for profit.”

   While there are what Feynman called "cargo cult scientists" who push this scare story it is, by definition, impossible for any real scientist, who understands and respects scientific principles to. Unfortunately politicical parasites far prefer funding the former.

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