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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Letter - Not One of Mine Unfortunately

  I highight this from Malcolm Parkin in today's Courier just because it is so clear, simple and unarguably right.
The real power lies elsewhere

Sir, - As the chilly days approach, it is interesting to note that the electricity being generated as I write is as follows:

► Coal — 19 Gigawatts

► Gas — 15.4 Gigawatts

► Nuclear — 7.10 Gigawatts

► Hydro — 0.67 Gigawatts

► Wind — 0.53 Gigawatts.
The EU will make us start to close coal-fired power stations from 2014, and the SNP won't have nuclear.

With friends like those we don't need enemies.

Malcolm Parkin.


The SNP have slightly hedged on their promise that we will be "100% renewable by 2020" - claiming they only meant that we would be producing the equivalent of 100% of all our electricity from "renewables" and that we may still have a little back-up to be used when hydro and wind can't provide the lot, but when they can we will be exporting the surplus.

  Though the figures given above are for the whole UK and "renewables" make up a larger proportion of Scotland's power it is obvious the SNP position is insane.

  Malcolm is part of the Letter Writer's Guild whose letters are recorded here.

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