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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dumb and Dumber running the country

  I saw this via Tim Worstall.

The Royal Statistical Society asked MPs "If you spin a coin twice what are the chances of getting 2 heads.

It appears that 47% of Conservative MPs are idiots who shouldn't be trusted with anything that involves arithmetic.

Graph of MPs' ability to calculate probabilities
And 77% of Labour MPs.

I suppose this talent is useful to them when they maintain their certainty about election promises, "Keynsian" economics and catastrophic global warming.

And this is the sort of people who metamorph into EU technocrats whenever it is a matter of making a decision most of us won't like.

I think Andrew Neil on the Brillo Show (Weekly Politics) could have tremendous fun with this.

One way to read it is to say that Tory MPs are twice as mathematically skilled as Labour MPs.
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