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Friday, October 12, 2012

Britain faces risk of blackouts, warns Ofgem

It said spare generation capacity – the margin the power system has to respond to increases in demand – could fall to 4pc by 2015/2016 from 14pc today and tightening electricity supplies "could lead to higher bills". "Coal fired-generation is likely to close earlier than expected under EU environmental legislation and the risk of a shortfall in electricity is highest in 2015/16," the regulator said.
The threat of electricity shortages reinforced the need for energy reforms to encourage investment, according to the report.

   Bastards. There is no possible remotely honest argument that this, the inevitable deaths and the current excess winter deaths of 25,000 pensioners annually, us anything other than the deliberate fault of our corrupt parasitic political class.

   We could have had 10 times out current electricity supply at under 1/10th of the cost any time in the last 20 years.

    Meanwhile, as US gas prices are in freefall because of shale (& the US economy in slight growth because of it) British Gas are increasing prices as are N-Power, by between 6% & 9% (which incidentally is about the total % of electricity costs that are actually necesary).

   Onbviously every LabNatConDemgreen who is not a wholly corrupt lying whore has acknowledged this is entirely their fault.
Caroline Flint, Labour’s shadow energy and climate change secretary, said people will “not understand why British Gas are putting prices up”.
She said: “Unless ministers get to grips with spiralling energy bills, people will rightly think that this Government is completely out of touch with families and pensioners struggling to make ends meet.”

 That corrupt lying whore was one of the BBC's guests last night. The BBC, who arrange all the questions, did not allow any discussion of this issue, far more imoportant to most people than most of what they will discuss. As normal the 1st, 2nd & 4th parties were represented & the 3rd, UKIP, was censored.

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