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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boris V Cameron

  The obvious thing that makes Boris Johnson ineligible to be Prime minister is that he isn't a member of the House of Commons.

  To become so he would have to get elected - either in 2015, which would break his promises to be purely London's mayor, or 2020, or the improbable willingness of some Tory MP to step down and hand him a by-election (by no means a certainty since voters, both at the constituence level and indeed the Tory MPs who would have to vote him in, don't like being taken for granted).

  So basically "Boris for PM" means "Cameron for PM till at least 2020".

    No wonder the BBC are bigging up the rivalry between them.

   Boris stands no chance of being PM in any reasonable time period. He could, if he wished, be kingmaker with merely a few words. So far he clearly chooses not to which says volumes.

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