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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adolf Hitler in Line For Posthumous Nobel Prize For Peace

Steve Sailer''s reaction:

 European Union Wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize
For what? Not invading Poland?
Couldn't they have given it to Obama again?

I commented:

Included in its list of "achievements" its role in the Yugoslav wars. That contribution started by, to please Germany, "recognising" the Croatian & Bosnian Moslem regimes, both led by unrepentent (ex-)Nazis publicly committed to genocide & continued by supporting every aspect of NATO's wars and the subsequent genocide and ethnic cleansing of Kosovo by NATO's KLA "police".
So though they may not have got it for avoiding invading Poland they did officially get it for invading Yugoslavia.
I don't think the "Peace" prize has had a worthy holder since Norman Borlaug in 1970.

The general opinion was similar.

  Actually in that last line my memory was playing me slightly false.

  Back in 2008 I did a summary of Nobel Peace Prize winners back to 1968 and there are several who aren't war criminals, UN or western govenment funded organisations or career diplomats. And among the rest there are even some who aren't "dissidents" from countries our government would like to bomb or well meaning front persons for government activity (usually in Northern Ireland), or government leaders. And of the remaining some whose work was even of net benefit to humanity. Well 2:


RIGOBERTA MENCHU TUM, Guatemala. Campaigner for human rights, especially for indigenous peoples. A worthy winner & almost alone in not supporting what western governments wanted done.

AUNG SAN SUU KYI, Burma. Oppositional leader, human rights advocate

and the latter had actually been elected government leader and has since had the appointment. The former ran for President of Guatamala but lost.

Not much when compared with this role of murderers, fraudsters  and war criminals:

Barak Obama, the IPCC, Al Gore, the Atomic Energy Agency (which discourages atomic energy), Hofi Annan (who built his career on assisting NATO in genocide in Bosnia & Kosovo), Doctors Without Frontiers (whose support of genocide by ex-Nazis in Bosnia was total), Yasser Arafat, Sadat and Beguin, Amnesty International (state funded propagandist of genocide in Yugoslavia), Henty Kissinger.

  The EU is clearly worthy to stand in such company.

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