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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nazi Alliance Weakens

   Jerry Pournelle said that America should get out of the Middle East as it had got out of the Balkans. To be "friends of liberty everywhere but guardians only of our own".

   I suggested that the peace in the Balkans was not a guarantee of permanency. His comment in bold:

"Out of the Balkans
I don’t think America has so much successfully got out of the Balkans as that there is no shooting currently going on there.
Camp Bondsteel, with facilities for 7,000, is a sizable military base in Kosovo, a territory to which Yugoslavia still has nearly as good a claim as the US has to the Alamo. Bosnia remains not so much a state as a genocidal war frozen in place, requiring endless western subsidy, at least for the Moslem zone.
Basically it all depends on the Serbs not being prone to the sort of loony attacks the Arabs engage in (or indeed that happened there in 1914).

Neil Craig"

And behind the Serbs are the Pan-Slavic Russians. We had no business in the Balkans and we still have no reason to have troops there. It is involvement in the territorial disputes of Europe. There is no gain in it for the people of the United States.

  The danger of a clash, as Russia grows faster than the EU while the USA, almost inevitably, disengages must be real, though possibly a decade or more away. That is not something anybody should welcome even if Serbia achieves its legal or ethnic boundaries. It is, however, something that Britain should not be involved in, at least not on the Nazi/German side.

   Under no circumstances whatsoever should we ever go to war to support sex slavers or the political leaders, eg Paddy Ashdownm for whom they work.

   Under no circumstances whatsoever should we support racist scum eg Blair, Brown & Cameron, who imprison people for decades simply for being inconveniently inocent.

 Under no circumstances should we act in any way to protect any of the lying Nazi animals (almost all the main party politicians and the employees of the corrupt BBC) who tell absolutely any lie to pretend the organlegging gangsters they hire are in some way "heroic".

Under no circumstances should any decent human being object in any way to anything done to any of these Nazis. If some thug kicks shit out of a child raping, genocidal, Nazi Beeboid or member of the LabConDem parties no decent person can object or bear wirness against such selfless heroes.

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