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Monday, September 10, 2012

Assorted Greenmail

David Cameron and George Osborne are to come down firmly on the side of those who object to payments currently worth £400 million a year to companies who produce onshore wind, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.
  Obviously Cameron flying a kite but if this happens Scottish windmills would have to be entirely subsidised by Scotland - whether we were independent or not.
MPs have no idea what the Climate Change Act means

They passed it almost unanimously, but MPs still can't grasp the consequences of the most expensive legislation in British history

The Scottish Act, which is considerably more restrictive, was passed absolutely unanimously. Whether that means they know more about the subject or that their ignorance is even greater rather depends on whether you think government actually try to do good, sometimes being prevented by ignorance, or try to retain ignorance in case knowledge might actually get in the way of their parasitism.

So far their response to being asked to say why they support the Act suggests ignorance and parasitism overrides.
Baroness Airhead whose knowledge underlay the Climate Change Act.
The more you understand science the more sceptical you are about warming.

The group who proved this were actually trying to prove the opposite. I suppose we should be glad, in the current era, that they didn't just fake it.
"The days of permanently available electricity may be coming to an end" National Grid Chief Executive
Based on the most current data it appears that 2010 is going to show the largest drop in global sea level ever recorded in the modern era.

Oh the catastrophe.
Interesting article
in my view, just as Luther triggered the Reformation, and in due course the Protestant church, I suspect that what McIntyre has done is trigger a new and Reformed style of science - one in which openness and transparency are the hallmarks, and which is faster, more dynamic, more creative - and more accurate - than the existing magisterium
.If anything I suspect more than that. The needed Reformation should not merely or even mainly apply to scientists. The number of scientists who have endorsed CAGW is probably only in the hundreds, at most a few thousand, though they were individually very well paid by the politicians. Most merely kept silent & kept their heads down.

    On the other hand the politicians were and are responsible for funding this fraud with money stolen from taxpayers, for reasons given by Mencken (see heading here). They were and are responsible for using the fraud to pass totalitarian legislation, not the first time ecofascist scares have been used thus. They were and are responsible for all the poverty, all the trillions wasted or stolen and all the unnecessary excess winter deaths.

   These scare stories have, from the time Rachel Carson launched the DDT scare, been growing on the intensity with which they are promoted in the tame media, the degree of media censorship and in the speed with which they are disproven and replaced. Such a trend cannot go on. We see the MSM being increasingly ignored by decent people and their hysterical lies, to attract short term interest, merely means long term contempt.

     How much longer before the same applies to our political class. In the US, perhaps only till November.

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