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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Unpublished Letter - Unless Both These Major News Stories Cease To Be Totally Censored Bandar Dead - Muller A Fraud

Letter sent to over 50 newspapers and TV "news services". Technicaly I shouldn't list it as unpublished yet and will publicly apologise to any newspaper/broadcaster which  does not live down to my expectations of them being totally committed to censorship.

     There was once a time when newspapers and indeed broadcasters used to be proud to obtain a "scoop" as an important news story not yet reported by competitors was called. Nowadays most of the mainstream media seem to do do everything possible to avoid printing any "news" ahead of their "competitors" or indeed  much, even in reader's letters sections which are supposed to be reserved for reader's opinions not covered elsewhere, which is not simply rehashing press releases from the state, state funded sock puppets and the friends of the state.

      Instead breaking news is left entirely to to the blogsphere.

      However, in the spirit of assuming you, almost alone, would like to scoop your "rivals" here are 2 pieces of news unpublished by them, though common on the net, which might give you an edge.

 1 - The MSM have very widely reported the alleged conversion of Richard Muller from warming sceptic to alarmist. The scoop unpublished is that Muller's claim to ever have been a sceptic is deliberately fraudulent as shown by a number of public remarks. Most tellingly

“If Al Gore reaches more people and convinces the world that global warming is real, even if he does it through exaggeration and distortion – which he does, but he’s very effective at it – then let him fly any plane he wants.” – Richard Muller, 2008

That Muller has expressed support for Mr Gore's deliberate lying to promote this scare story shows he has no close connection to honesty, and certainly none to scientific integrity.

While the original claim has 15.800 news reports according to Google News the genuine news (& main human interest angle) that Muller is lying about being a sceptic in what in secret service parlance is called a black flag operation, a perusal shows that of the only 41 mentions worldwide all, at least in the top dozen, come from online sites or are comments added online by members of the public rather than the original journalist.

Of course the BBC prominently pushed the original lie even though, at the time they did so, the truth was known by them. On the other hand I don't think any informed and honest person now suggests that anybody in the BBC is other than a wholly corrupt totalitarian fascist propagandist merely masquerading as a journalist.

2 - The second scoop is that the Syrian "revolution" is not an internal revolution at all but, as Asia Times, an online publication, reports "swarm of mercenaries - infiltrated via Jordan - who were supposed to take over the capital had to retreat up north. Now the news cycle is fixated on another faux game-changer - the "Battle of Aleppo"" (something unnoticed by all the western journalists on site & that the Damascus bomb, far from being a set by "rebels" was a carefully crafted Saudi & US state assassination to which the Syrians have remarkably quickly reacted by in turn assassinating Prince Bandar bin Sultan (now up to 2,900 mentions worldwide) who was appointed Saudi intelligence chief for masterminding it. It is difficult to see how any part of the Syrian conflict can be understood without knowing this but because your "rivals" have managed to miss it, here again you have the opportunity of a major scoop.

  You don't have to thank me. Seeing publication of this letter or indeed of the news I have given you will be satisfying enough. I think you will agree that if the MSM is to stop the hemorrhage of readers printing the news in newspapers might help. 

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either that... or your letter is a load of shit.
Well Mous if you say those are the only 2 options and that you are unable to point to any factual inaccuracy whatsoever (let alone "shit") who am I to disagree? :-)
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