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Saturday, August 11, 2012


  Glaswegian scientists photograph entangled particles
  From The Register. We have folks as Bright as Sheldon here.

 And more sociable.
Professor Colin McInnes, a key player in developing sails for space missions were the first three senior winners of The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s RSE Prize
  For Heinlein fans (HT Steve Sailer) - including his advice to Niven and Pournelle on how to make Mote Light into a classic SF book - Change the name to something more awe inspiring, perhaps out of the Bible.
  People who call themselves "Keynsians" keep insisting that the great Depression was ended in America by printing endless amounts of money & that the British politicians who insisted on cuts made it worse. In fact it was over far faster in Britain because our politicians (that time) got it right. Dan Hannan explains.
  Children with pets grow up more healthy and socialised. Obvious if you think about it but not something we usually think about. I once blogged the same about pets helping socialise people in prison.
Average Chinese person's carbon footprint now equal to average European's. And good luck to them. That means they may be slightly improving the weather and are certainly improving crop growth and biodiversity by about 25%.

Could there possibly be any connection with the fact that China is growing at 10% a year while Europe is in recession and that it won't be long before the average income is equal too?
Following the Batman film shootings in America our media played up gun ownership as the cause. Surprisingly enough they never mentioned last year's Cumbria shooting had left the same number of dead.
Amount of CO2 being absorbed from the atmosphere has doubled in 50 years. This will include absorption into the ocean and other things otherwise the estimate, above, that CO2 had increased crop growth by 25% would be hopelessly low.
Müller Lite: Why Every Scientist Needs a Classical Training  Lord Monckton cheerfully eviscerates Muller's BEST climate fraud.
"They saw a television documentary story that condemned the inhumane practice of trafficking human organs. But as Walter's health deteriorated, his relatives saw saviors in the villains. Since the television show named no names, they asked the author of the story to provide them with contact information."

Republic of Kosovo is considered the "capital" of the illegal trade in human organs. Initially it was caused by the war launched by the leading powers of Europe and the U.S. that led to the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Organs were removed from the killed or captured Serbs for transplants for wealthy customers. This was the birth of an illegal business - trading in human organs. Until 2008, the surgeries with illegal organ transplants were carried out in Pristina."

  And so the atrocities our governments authorised in Kosovo continue. Does anybody think the (German) documentary producer was being somewhat hypocritical in their outrage at this business when they then acted as middlemen for potential customers.

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