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Monday, August 06, 2012

Government Sock Puppet Article Published Online - Out Of Recession In Days Letter censored

   This is part of my new article on ThinkScotland. It is largely a rehash of what I have previously written here but I am pleased to see it getting a new audience. –
"There is undoubtedly greater PR value in a charity calling for restrictions on liberty than would be the case if the message came directly from a bureaucrat or politician.... This, of course, is precisely why governments prefer to speak through sock puppets and why the concept of charity must be reclaimed for civil society. It should be no surprise that this subverts democracy, for that is exactly what it was designed to do".

All of these revelations come from a recent report by Phillip Snowden on government funded charities, or as he aptly calls them, government Sock Puppets1 which should be read by everybody who wants to know how our government is run so very badly.

I have long been concerned about the extent to which government has been using its (well, our) money to fund ostensible opposition organisations and "raise awareness" of scare stories. The effect is only to promote more government control, regulation, spending & thus more departmental empire building with government spending an ever larger portion of national wealth.
  Please put any comments there rather than here.

  Going from a published article to an unpublished letter - this is a letter I have sent out twice to about 30 British newspapers and 3 times to the Scotsman. I wrote the first around the then current statement by Osborne about his "relentless" pursuit of growth and the later one about the latest figures of manufacturing decline. I also wrote it to fit the 250 words limit the Scotsman had called for.

    I don't think anything more could have been done to make this publishable and I consider it one of my best letters. Latest figures shoe Britain's reduction in manufactured goods is deepening. Mr Osborne says he is engaged in a "relentless" attempt to find out how to achieve growth.
Throughout the alleged "world recession" the non-EU part of the world has been growing at an average of 6%.
Every serious politician knows how to end recession..
It was set down in, among other places, the Washington Consensus (1989) which has since guided most of the world to unprecedented growth.
To achieve fast growth end deficit, end subsidy of uneconomic projects (windmills), have a broad tax base that does not penalise effort, encourage the free market and end restrictions/regulations that prevent the market choosing the most efficient methods. A particular example in Britain is that electricity prices have more than doubled because we are forced to subsidise windmills when we could have unlimited cheap power from shale gas and nuclear. The correlation between growth in electricity use and the overall economy is as clearly established as anything in economics. 93% of the cost of British electricity is political parasitism.
Only one party, UKIP, actually supports such policies.
Fortunately for the others UKIP is obviously censored by our state owned broadcasters, and in particular mention of their economic policy is censored so none of their opponents are called on to deny this works, or if they cannot, say why they still oppose it.
Even Zimbabwe currently has a 9.3% growth rate. It is impossible to believe that the "relentless" search for how we can get above zero growth has been serious.

Neil Craig

Refs - Washington Consensus

93% of electricity cost unnecessary

Zimbabwe 9.3% growth

UK manufacturing receession deepens      If it cannot be said to be below the literary standards required of letters in any part of the dead tree media & it is agreed that getting out of recession is a matter to which readers are not indifferent the only remaining alternative is that such discussion is being deliberately censored. Such censorship does strongly support my thesis that each of our masters "knows how to end recession" & that "UKIP is obviously censored by our state owned broadcasters, and in particular mention of their economic policy is censored so none of their opponents are called on to deny this works".

    The fact that nobody has been able to give any reasons why my proposals to get out of recession are in any way wrong does also tend to support the theory that they are known to be absolutely right and consequently that adopting UKIP's or my suggestions would get us out of recession in days if those in charge wanted to do so.  

      I do intend to send this letter out again, slightly edited to suit each new sign of the recession worsening.

UPDATE - Though the letter remains unpublished in the MSM the Letter Writer's Guild, a club of people who regularly write letters in the cause of sanity (I am a member) have nonetheless decided to put it prominently on their website.

   That is certainly unusual if not unique for an unpublished letter & I take it as confirmation that it is certainly considered worthy of publication. 

My thanks.  

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