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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Space Links

  America's first woman in space, Sally Ride, from the shuttle era dies.Not hust the first generation astronauts going now.
Viking found life on Mars - more
SpaceX will make a share offering in 2013 I think he will do very well indeed.
Elon Musk interview
"Question: What missions will you be doing in 10 years?

Musk: Our goal is to revolutionize space transport. So we'll be doing every kind of space transport, except for suborbital. We'll launch satellites of all shapes and sizes, servicing the space station with cargo and crew, and then the long term objective is to develop a space transport system that will enable humanity to become a multi-planet species.
Spaceport Sweden
Virginia gives tax break to attract space industry
The Virginia General Assembly is soon to consider a bill that will allow an income tax deduction of up to $8,000 (£5,100) for burials in space, WTVR reports.
Nuclear Thermal Rockets Since there is no contact between the reactor and air this does not, except in the event of catastrophic failure, release radioactivity to the atmosphere. Even catastrophe would only mean "it is highly unlikely that a reactor's fuel elements would be spread over a wide area. They are composed of very strong materials, either carbon composites or carbides, and normally coated with zirconium hydride. The solid core NTR fuel itself is conventionally a small percentage of U-235 buried well inside an extremely strong carbon or carbide mixture. Unless the physically small reactors have been run for an extended period, the radioactivity of these elements is quite low and would pose a minimal hazard."
Reaction Engines Ltd a UK company whose new engine is "a breakthrough in aerospace technology that is now allowing the development of engines that will propel aircraft at speeds of up to five times the speed of sound or directly into Earth orbit."
The Register with a tough but fair assessment of what our space industry really is & what government actively isn't doing about it.
Infinite growth on a finite planet - easy peasy Tim Worstall explains why growth is a function of technology not of mineral resources and that there is thus no limitation on this planet. This is what Julian Simon long said and it is certainly true. Not a space article but the obvious corollary is that in an infinite universe our growth capability is infinity squared - can't be bad unless you're against human progress.

Which unfortunately so many parasites are.

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So a largely privately funded project confirms what we knew all along- that the planet has warmed substantially over the last century, and this temperature rise is primarily due to anthropogenic GHG emissions.

The code, datasets, etc used to reach this conclusion are all available on the BEST website. I look forward to reading your expert analysis to confirm or deny this. I'm sure that rudimentary statistical analysis is far within the abilities of a scientific luminary such as yourself.
Wrong again Mouse - only "deniers" deny that warming ever happened. Deniers like Mann and the rest of the alarmists. Sceptics have never denied that there was warming fropm the end of the little ice age about 1800 onwards. Since there was no detectable increase in CO2 befor about 1890 and no major one until about 1940 clearly this is incompatible with any claim that it happened entirely or even mostly from CO2 rise.

As a bashful scientific luminary you will probably realise this after you have thought about it for some time.
BEST is bust already - see What's Up With That.
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