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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The SNP Deliberately Want To Impoverish Scotland

   Just over a week ago I wrote of my reply on the BBC's "Big Debate" on breaking the Union. I criticised the position of the junior party pushing for it, the Green's, that they were opposed to any independence leading to economic improvement, indeed that they would be happy if, because of independence, we would still be in recession, or deeper in it after 10 years.

   Despite the fact that the world economy is likely to have nearly doubled by then

   I also pointed out that the SNP guest on the BBC's programme, Nicola Sturgeon,, had not said a word  in disagreement with this scenario of deliberate impoverishment.

   However, being a fair minded person I wrote to both First Minister Alec Salmond and to the SNP party organisation giving them the opportunity to dissociate themselves from it and to say that they actually do at least hope, for a prosperous future.
Dear Mr Salmond & co,
On Sunday during the BBC's "Big Debate" your partner, Patrick Harvie leader of the Green party said, in response to a question to an easy question about how much better off Scottish people would be on 10 years with independence said that it "would be a mistake" to expect us to be any better off & indeed implied, with no evident regret, that we might be poorer.
The real problem was that when it came the deputy leader's turn she did not disagree or even distance your party from that prediction in any way.
Considering that, outside the EU, the world economy is growing at 6% annually I think you will agree that it is easily possible to achieve 6% growth if the will is there, indeed if the country were run with merely above average competence growth should be above average. That would mean average incomes should be, at least 180% of current levels by then.
I would therefore like to know if the SNP & the Yes campaign generally wish to dissociate themselves from the Green's prediction and produce another one.
I look forward to your response within the week.
    Regretfully I have to say that nobody in the SNP has taken this opportunity & it must be assumed that it is the deliberate policy of the SNP to use "independence" simply as an excuse to reduce Scotland's freedom and defraud us of our birthright of prosperity so as to maintain their power over us, in the manner described by Orwell.

    Some change from when the SNP won their first election on the promise of a "Celtic Lion" economy based on low regulation and low corporation tax, Irish style. This must now be assumed to have been a deliberate lie from the start.

   I will be sending this out to the various SNP MSPs and we will see if any of them wish to dissociate themselves with the thieving parasites running the party.Obviously any honest MSP/MP who has the interests of the electorate at heart will.

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Shortly after sending this to our SNP Parliamentarians I got an obscene response from one of them which I decided to delete.

However, since that was the only one, I do not think I am being unfair in concluding that that represents the most literate any of our beloved SNP Members could manage without the help of an infinite number of monkeys.
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